Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Charity Raised An Impressive Amount Of Money In 2022

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Archewell Foundation released their first official impact report since its 2020 formation, revealing just how much money they raised and where it ended up going. 

Even though the Archewell Foundation was started in 2020, 2022 was the organization’s first full year of operation. In total, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex raised $13 million. This money was used to expand the foundation’s staff as well as donate to worthy causes. 

Archewell Has Donated Millions So Far

So far, the Archewell Foundation has donated $3 million to organizations that promote vaccination equity, support women-owned small businesses, and aided Ukrainian and Afghan refugees. 

Their report went into specifics, stating the money had provided 12.66 million COVID-19 vaccinations, helped resettle 174,497 refugees, served 50,000 meals to the hungry, and rescued 7,468 people from Afghanistan. 

The Archewell Foundation also supported 13 academic fellowships at the Institute for Rebooting Social Media at Harvard University, helped create a positive masculinity guide, and worked to create a play space in Uvalde, Texas, following the tragic school shooting in that community. 

Harry and Markle partnered with a variety of different charities and organizations to make these things happen, including Global Citizen, Operations Allies Welcome and Welcome.US, World Central Kitchen, and the Human First Coalition. 

The Couple Volunteers Their Time As Well

The couple frequently talk about their dedication to charitable work and their commitment to lending a hand wherever they can. Harry and Meghan don’t just donate money, either. The couple volunteer their time and services as well.

In the summer of 2020, the duke and duchess showed up to hand out basic essentials, school supplies, hygiene products, clothing and meals to families in need at a Baby2Baby charity drive in Los Angeles. 

What’s Next For The Archewell Foundation?

As the Archewell Foundation begins its third year, co-executive directors James Holt and Shauna Nep shared their goals for the upcoming year, including continuing an “unwavering commitment to key issues which have an overwhelming ripple effect on our collective well-being.”

“Dovetailing off of the impact we’ve made during this start-up phase, we will continue to build a better world online, work to restore trust in information, and above all, uplift communities online and offline, local and global,” the pair explained. 

Harry and Markle have made humanitarian work their main focus as they shift away from the royal family. This report shows just how much of an impact their work has had on the world so far.

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