Queen Elizabeth Put “Hit” On Ghislaine Maxwell To Protect Prince Andrew, British Monarchy?

Has the British royal family, specifically Queen Elizabeth II, put a hit out on Ghislaine Maxwell in order to keep her from spilling secrets about Prince Andrew? One tabloid suspects an international plot is afoot to murder the cohort of Jeffrey Epstein. Gossip Cop could hardly believe any outlet would print such a ridiculous story, but we looked into it regardless.

The Globe surprises us almost weekly with their bizarre reporting about the British royal family, but this latest story nearly took our breath away. The frequently debunked tabloid has published a report claiming Ghislaine Maxwell, a one time friend and possible accomplice of convicted felon Jeffrey Epstein, has been “marked for death” by the royal family.

Citing sources “close to the U.S. intelligence community,” the outlet insists that the federal officials in charge of Maxwell’s safety as she waits, incarcerated, for her trial “fear she’s marked for death by powerful forces desperate to protect the British monarchy.” According to those unverified “spies,” “top-secret phone intercepts indicating Queen Elizabeth,” or someone close to the queen, “has ordered a hit” on Maxwell in order to prevent her from exposing the details of Prince Andrew’s “friendship” with Epstein. “Make no mistake – Ghislaine is next!” exclaims the source. “She knows too much! She’s the keeper of Epstein’s sick secrets involving a who’s who of powerful men.”

With one of those “powerful men” being Prince Andrew, the British monarchy is supposedly taking no chances. The outlet claims that “chilling phone transcripts” which are noticeably absent from the article, “seem to reveal a hit team from Britain’s MI6 agency has been green-lighted to silence Ghislaine before she can cut a tell-all plea deal.”

A so-called “friend” of Maxwell’s also allegedly spoke to the outlet, revealing “Ghislaine is terrified she’ll end up the same way” as Epstein, who was found dead in his jail cell late last year after apparently committing suicide. Throughout the article, the disreputable tabloid continuously implied that rather than taking his own life, Epstein was actually murdered and the scene was made to look like a suicide afterwards, which is a popular conspiracy theory that this shady publication had no problem presenting as fact.

Despite the almost fanatical insistence that the royal family is behind these most recent threats against Ghislaine Maxwell’s life, at the end of the article, the tabloid does a complete about face and claims that any number of the “powerful men” previously connected to Epstein “might want her dead,” with the source adding, “They’ll stop at nothing to see” that the truth about their “perverted pleasures” sees the light of day.

Let’s be real for a minute. The British monarchy does not rule over anything. They are merely figureheads for the U.K., practically the country’s mascots. Prince Andrew’s connections to Jeffrey Epstein have already cast The Firm in a negative light, so if the family is supposedly willing to kill Maxwell to prevent her from testifying against him, why wouldn’t they have already done so? Also, the outlet even acknowledges at the end that Maxwell could potentially reveal the secrets of a lot of other powerful people, so couldn’t these people be the ones threatening Maxwell’s life, if her life is indeed being threatened?

To imply that Queen Elizabeth ordered MI6 to put a hit on Maxwell is so indefensible, Gossip Cop is honestly surprised this article even made it to print. The Globe is constantly the most uninformed tabloid when it comes to the royal family, and this latest article is no exception.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.

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