Reese Witherspoon And Daughter Ava Phillippe Share Moving Posts In Wake Of Beloved Dog Pepper’s Death

She went on to describe Pepper’s spirited personality and the close bond the two pals shared: “She also had a unique way of expressing herself with funny little noises that sounded like they were from some sort of pigeon. Pepper was simply the best, and I repeatedly told her how perfect I thought she was. This girl got me through so many tough times, including some of my teenage years, and I am forever grateful for our bond. I’ll always treasure the times when I’d come home from college and she would meet me at the door, jumping for joy, and I’d pick her up so she could lick my face. She really knew how to make me feel special! As sad as I am and as much as I’ve cried over losing her, I am happy she had such a great life and is no longer in pain. Love you forever, miss Peps.”

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