Reese Witherspoon Gossip: Allegedly Furious Over Ex Ryan Phillippe’s ‘Wild Night’ Amid Co-Parenting Struggles

Is Reese Witherspoon upset with Ryan Phillippe? One tabloid claims the actress wasn’t happy to hear about her ex-husband’s night on the town. Here’s the latest gossip about the Cruel Intentions co-stars.

Reese Witherspoon Upset About ‘Wild Night Out’?

The latest edition of New Idea reports Reese Witherspoon isn’t happy with Ryan Phillippe. While the former spouses have maintained a pretty amicable relationship while co-parenting their two children, it seems Phillippe is letting loose, and Witherspoon isn’t having it. Paparazzi recently photographed the actor piling into a car with some scantily dressed women — one of which landed right on Phillippe’s lap — right after leaving a nightclub.

Witherspoon was “hardly impressed” by the photos, an insider notes. While Phillippe tried to hide his face with a ballcap, the tabloid notes that he appeared intoxicated. And now Witherspoon is “at her wits’ end” with her ex-husband. Finally, the tipster notes that Witherspoon often struggles to co-parent with Phillippe due to his party-boy ways.

‘At Her Wits’ End’ With Ryan Phillippe?

This is a remarkably thin story, which leads us to believe it’s just total speculation. While it’s true Ryan Phillippe had a wild night out earlier this month, we have no reason to believe Reese Witherspoon is upset with him for it. Witherspoon and Phillippe aren’t married anymore, and their children are both adults now. We’re sure Witherspoon expects him to be on his best behavior for the big moments, like their son’s birthday last fall, but we doubt she’s keeping tabs on his personal life.

And it isn’t like Phillippe is constantly spotted out partying or that Witherspoon can’t sympathize with Phillippe. Back in 2013, the actress was arrested for public intoxication while she and Phillippe’s children were still young. She promptly apologized for her behavior, and things went back to normal for the family. Witherspoon knows what it’s like for the media to blow a night of partying way out of proportion, and we doubt she’s treating her ex too harshly.

The Tabloid On Reese Witherspoon

It’d be foolish to take New Idea for its word when it comes to Reese Witherspoon. This same tabloid accused Witherspoon of feuding with Nicole Kidman back in 2019. Then, the outlet reported Witherspoon’s marriage was in trouble after she reunited with Phillippe. And, more recently, the tabloid tried again to stir up drama between Witherspoon and Kidman — this time, over a third season of Big Little Lies. Clearly, New Idea isn’t the most reliable wherever Witherspoon is concerned.

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