Reviewers Claim This Dyson Airwrap Dupe Delivers Stunning, Quick Results For A Fraction Of The Price

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The Dyson Airwrap seems to be the talk of the town lately. Users are stunned by how easy it is to curl and smooth their hair with it–all without extreme heat. But, in spite of its popularity, the Dyson Airwrap isn’t the only beauty tool that produces salon-quality hair. Dyson’s competition is fierce. Several beauty enthusiasts are dubbing one hairdryer brush the perfect Dyson dupe. Plus, it’s more affordable, lighter, easier to use, and dare we say, even produces better results. 

With the T3 AireBrush Duo, you’ll experience endless blowouts and silky sleek styles, leaving you looking and feeling like you stepped out of a salon. But, what exactly makes the T3 AireBrush Duo unlike any other blowout brush on the market? Plus, why are so many reviewers replacing their blow dryers and paddle brushes with this time-saving tool?

A Blowout Brush That’s Better For Your Hair

Blow-out styles are clearly on-trend. The consensus, however, is that styling with heat can be problematic. Yet, the T3 AireBrush Duo features a simple but effective way for you to customize your hair’s exposure to heat. You can change the temperature by adjusting the tool’s five heat settings.

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(Bed Bath and Beyond)

“It really gives you that option to be able to customize based on your needs so that you’re minimizing that exposure to heat,” Jade Simmons, T3’s director of brand and product marketing, told Allure, “If your hair is fine or damaged, you might sit somewhere between a one and a three. If you’ve got medium texture hair that is relatively healthy, try somewhere between a three and a four. Or if you have thicker, coarser hair or a curlier hair pattern, go ahead and try four to five.” Simmons added. 

In addition to the heat control, the T3 offers three different settings for airspeed, which further customizes the blowout. Individuals with thicker hair will want to choose a higher air velocity, however, Simmons advised, “The more air velocity you have, [the] tougher to maintain the body and the volume in your hair.”

If the versatile settings weren’t enough to entice you, the powerful, built-in Ion technology surely will. A powerful integrated ion generator and a smart microchip give the T3 IonFlow technology the ability to combat flyaways and frizzy hair for a smooth silky finish. If you need more body, you can instead use T3’s volume-booster feature. 

Furthermore, the T3 is easily interchangeable with two attachments, as the name implies. For bold, voluminous looks, a round barrel brush is available, as is a paddle brush for sleek straight locks. 

So what do reviewers have to say about this versatile, award-winning brush?

Is The T3 AireBrush Duo The Best Hot Air Brush Yet?

Reviewers are raving about T3 AireBrush Duo. Featuring multiple heat settings and air velocity modes, along with an interchangeable attachment system, the T3 offers a great deal of styling versatility. As an added bonus, the hair tool is remarkably affordable and available at Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Reviews have hailed the V3 as a “dream come true” and are ditching their other styling tools including flattening irons and blow dryers. According to one reviewer, her morning styling routine is impossible without the V3. “It used to take me an hour to style my hair from wet to dry to straight. Now I am finished in 20 minutes, and with better results. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about this styling tool sooner!”

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