Reviewers Rave This Heated Styling Brush Easily Creates Volume With Minimal Damage

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TikTok is no stranger to viral hair trends. We’re all likely familiar with bubble ponies, the aptly named octopus haircut, and the heatless curling rod, thanks to the app. But, now a new trend has taken over, and it’s a quick and easy way to get gorgeous locks.

TikTok’s latest hair trend involves an insanely cheap hair tool. If you want to look like you’ve just walked out of the salon, with perfectly blown-out locks, here’s the deal. The Revlon Silicone Bristle Heated Hair Styling Brush will make your hair more manageable and smooth, but full of body.


TikTok has tons of videos dedicated to the art of hair care and hairstyles. People document the transformation of their dry, damaged hair to luxurious and beautifully healthy hair seemingly overnight.

With ’90s trends coming back (we’re looking at you, claw clip!) it’s no surprise that blowouts would come back in style. A blowout at a salon could cost you roughly $45, if not more. So obviously, those trips to the salon could quickly add up.

According to several TikTokers, getting the look at home is way easier than expected. The Revlon Silicone Bristle Heated Hair Styling Brush is great for all hair types, as long as your hair is prepped beforehand.

To get a perfectly polished blowout, start with dry, untangled hair. It would also be wise to use a heat protectant on the hair before using the tool. According to TikToker Olivia Hurst, you’ll take small sections of your hair and wrap them around the heated brush. Roll the sections up, hold, and then roll back down. Then, hairspray, and you’re done.

Reviews For The Revlon Silicone Bristle Heated Hair Styling Brush

If TikTok doesn’t convince you to buy it, maybe one of these happy customers will! One reviewer stated, “This heated styling brush heats up fast, curls my hair very quickly and my hair is shiny and lovely looking when done. My hair never looked better or more professional-looking.”

Another customer loved how quickly she could style her hair with the tool. “This product really exceeded my expectations. I can brush the appliance through my hair in a matter of minutes to straighten it out on the Low setting and then use the High setting to add curl. For my hair I really need hair spray for a lasting set, nevertheless, the deed is done in minutes. I’ve only had it for a few weeks so I can’t testify on endurance but as of now, it is great!”

Stated one reviewer, “This curler works perfectly! I have long hair and don’t usually like spending time curling every piece of my hair but this product makes curling my hair so much easier. I was nervous about the silicon bristles pulling my hair out, but my hair glides through the bristles with no problem. Highly recommend getting this curler!”

Better than the reviews, you can shop the Revlon Silicone Bristle Heated Hair Styling Brush on Amazon for quick and easy purchasing!

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