‘RHOM’ Guerdy Abraira’s Reunion Dress Is 25 Pounds Of Chains

Real Housewives of Miami star Guerdy Abraira wore a 25-pound dress to the reunion this year and it was all her design.

Guerdy Abraira Created Something Stunning

'RHOM' Guerdy Abraira's Reunion Dress Is 25 Pounds Of Chains'RHOM' Guerdy Abraira's Reunion Dress Is 25 Pounds Of Chains

The event planner gushed exclusively to PEOPLE about her all-chains everything dress. “It came out of my mind,” she said of the look. “I’m an event designer and this was the ultimate event, honey.”

Guerdy shares that she got the idea for the dress when the cast was made aware that the theme was James Bond aesthetic. “I was Googling textures and fabrics and material,” she recalls. “And then I got this idea and started searching ‘chains’ and ‘chain dress.’”

Guerdy eventually found the material she want but the style of dress it was on, was not the reality star’s style. So, naturally, her solution was to upcycle a term that as an event planner she knows all too well.

“I liked the chains on it but I didn’t like the way it was made and the way it looked, so I ended up buying this dress and cutting it apart,” she says.

Guerdy Abraira Had To Buy The Dress Twice

'RHOM' Guerdy Abraira's Reunion Dress Is 25 Pounds Of Chains'RHOM' Guerdy Abraira's Reunion Dress Is 25 Pounds Of Chains

In order to get the amount of material she needs the mom of two had to buy two of the old dresses just for the extra material. “Actually, I bought two of those dresses, and then we reconstructed it into the look that I wanted.”

She enlisted the help of Celestino Couture the fashion bouse created by Sergio Guadarram of Project Runway fame. Guerdy was beyond impressed with the final look. “They did an incredible job,” she says of the team. “They really brought everything I could ever imagine perfectly to life.”

25 Pounds Later And Guerdy Abraira Is ‘Feeling It’

At first, it was all fun and games but Guerdy admits it didn’t take long for the dress to start to have an effect on her. “I was standing the whole time and afterward, my clavicle was completely black and blue,” Guerdy recalled. “I couldn’t believe it!”

The reunion was 14 hours in total and thankfully, Guerdy gets to sit down for most of that, and while she says “It wasn’t too bad,” the bruises on her body say differently, But, it was either that or get shown up by her fellow cast members.


The bespoke dress was paired with Stuart Weitzman heels and Diamonds on the Key Jewelry. Guerdy looked naked under the dress but she was really wearing s custom-made flesh tones bodysuit also created by Celestino Couture. “If one thing popped…it would have been a Britney or Janet Jackson moment!” joked Guerdy who took a few shots at the reunion against Alexia Nepola.

Andy Cohen approved the sassy dress ahead of taking caught in a behind-the-scenes moment between the two. “Andy walks in, he’s like this, ‘Oh my god’. I’m like, ‘Andy, are you turning straight?’ ” she recalls to the publication. “He died. He was obsessed with it. I was like, ‘This is good.’ ”

Guerdy has outdone herself and is already thinking of how she can top it next year. “It’s going to be hard setting the bar for next year, but I’m going to have so many ideas in my head, I can do this all day.”

Did she just confirm she is coming back?

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