Rihanna Takes On Restaurant Clean Up Duties After Long Night Out

Singer Rihanna recently helped the staff of a prominent New York restaurant clean up after a particularly late night out. The artist and her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, welcomed a son earlier this year after dating for years and being friends even longer.

The duo made their relationship official in 2020; however, they were seen in several intimate positions over the years, one of which was when Rocky groped the 34-year-old in 2012 at the MTV VMA Awards. Since welcoming their first child, the duo has been seen on several dates around New York.

Rihanna was spotted enjoying the nightlife recently along with a number one of her friends. According to reports, she asked the restaurant staff to extend their closing time in order to enjoy a meal with her friends and helped them out with the cleaning when they were done.

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Rihanna Helped Restaurant Staff

Rihanna at the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Avenue Armory

Rihanna and her friends had a girl’s night at the Caviar Russe, and the artist decided to lend a hand to the restaurant staff. The mother of one reportedly asked the reputable restaurant staff to keep their establishment open longer than their usual closing time.

For the outing, Rihanna was seen clad in an oversized jersey as well as a pair of baggy jeans with laced-up heels to match. She had six female friends in tow who were at the restaurant till 2 am getting their fill of sashimi and champagne.

According to Page Six, a source at the location said that when they were done, the 34-year-old helped out the staff that stayed over to wait on her to “clean up and push the bar stools back into place since she stayed so late.”

Rihanna Was Out With A$AP Rocky Last Week

Rihanna & ASAP Rocky at Fenti Beauty and Fenty Skin Photocall

The Fenty Beauty founder was previously spotted out with her boyfriend, Rocky, on several dates. The last time they were seen together was at the new members-only location owned by nightlife king, Richie Akiva.

The “Sledgehammer” singer looked glamorous in a silky green shirt paired with a similar shirt. She also had on her signature dark shades, as well as a pair of black heels and some gold jewelry. Rocky, on his part, wore a black tank top and trousers with a diamond neckpiece.

The couple was reportedly welcomed by Akiva when they arrived at the venue. As per Page Six, they looked “chill and definitely happy. She looked amazing.” Rocky and Rihanna eventually moved to Ned’s Club to spend the rest of their night before heading home.

Rihanna Debuted A New Look


Over the years, the Fenty founder has been spotted with several iconic hairstyles and recently debuted a new look while out with her friends. The 34-year-old was seen with her new haircut, which featured long curtain bangs.

Rihanna had on a bright blue jacket and carried a mini red purse which matched the red details on the jacket. For accessories, the mother of one had on a gold chain neck piece paired with small gold earrings and several gold bangles.

The new look is the “Dancing in the Dark” singer’s first big alteration to her hairstyle since May when she gave birth to her baby boy. Rihanna is known for being trendsetter, so this new do will undoubtedly catch on very soon.

Rihanna Wants To Raise Her Child In Barbados

Rihanna at the Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin photocall

Reports per The Mirror, claimed previously claimed that the billionaire intended to raise her child with the “Praise the Lord” artist in her native country, Barbados. Her reason was reportedly to reflect on how she was brought up and give her child a life away from the “world of showbusiness.”

Although not confirmed, a wedding might be in the future for the two love birds. A source said, “Rihanna loves Barbados, and she loved growing up there. She wants to give her baby the same experience she had – away from the world of show business. Both her and ASAP’s family are in Barbados, so the couple are planning to move there in a few months’ time.”

The entertainer is also reportedly very in love with the rapper and the duo seem to be very close and are taking all the right steps to ensure the proper upbringing of their son together.

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