Rita Ora Drops Stunning Bikini Serve Because She’s Too EXCITED For New Song

Fans had barely recovered from Rita Ora‘s stunning metallic bikini pictures. Now, to add to her 16 million followers’ viewing pleasure, the singer has dropped yet another stunning bikini serve, because she just couldn’t wait!

Rita Ora Is So Excited, She’s “Drinkin!”

Rita Ora sizzles in new bikini serve
Instagram | Rita Ora

It seems August 25 is a particularly interesting date to release music, cause Rita Ora’s new song “Drinkin” will be out then too. We seem to be inundated with new music the same day with Selena Gomez releasing “Single Soon” while Miley Cyrus will also drop “Used to be Young!”

Meanwhile, Ora is on vacation but she’s so excited that she dropped a whole slew of bikini pictures for er fans, captioning the serve, “More incredible memories, I tried to hold off from posting until my holiday is completely over but I have a song coming out on Friday and I’m too excited…”

She’s gotten the fans excited too, showing off her fabulously fit body in not one but three gorgeous bikinis and fans can’t decide which one is their favorite.

In one of the snaps, Ora sits somewhat demurely on a rocky terrain, wearing a stunning but tiny multi-colored bikini and a gorgeous snake pendant necklace. To signify the release of her new song, “Drinkin,” she posed with a drink in her hand looking straight into the camera. While we can’t see the water, it seems like a stunning riverside location with the woods in the background as the fading light of the sun lights up Ora like a beacon!

Meanwhile here’s Rita Ora, embodying TheWeekend‘s song, “Blinding Lights” in a gorgeous silver bikini!

Living It Up In A Sheer Bday Present For Taika Waititi

Rita Ora sizzles in new bikini serve
Instagram | Rita Ora

Ora also flaunted a metallic purple bikini in her latest drop that featured both a halter neck strap and shoulder straps and had ruched fabrics for both the top and bottom. She wore her hair in two braids for this, showing off her golden skin and tats, while also rocking some body chains and chunky bracelets.

Meanwhile, in another recent post, Ora showed her fans that she knows how to throw a party, given that she celebrated her husband, Taika Waititi’s birthday in sheer style, going bold under a translucent dress.

Wrote the “Let You Love Me” singer, “Only in Ibiza do you gather a group of such incredible people full of joy and laughter, these are the only appropriate photos I could find! Thank you to everyone who came you know who you all are! And @vasjmorgan for single-handedly bringing us all together…”

The trolls were there to wonder if the silver fox, Taika Waititi was her “grandfather” because he’s 48 to her 32. Ironically, she’s the one who proposed, and Waititi of course accepted with alacrity, because well, she is quite the catch!

Ora wore her signature honey blonde hair loose, cascading in stunning curls but what truly caught the fans’ eye was her stunning silver dress that she went bare beneath to show off some of the naughty bits.

Here are the party pics, although fans say they want to see “inappropriate” snaps too!

Rita Ora Shows Horses Are ‘Close’ To Her Heart!

Rita Ora sizzles in new bikini serve
Instagram | Rita Ora

The third bikini was the wildest of them all, given the top features a horse on the left, and a snake print on the right on a printed background. Ora posted a close-up of this bikini in particular, probably telling her fans she’s wilder than she looks, even as she displayed on-point abs and a tummy so flat, it;s impossible to even dream of one.

Fans are super excited about the song, although some lamented where was it when summer started. You can hear a bit of the song here.

Meanwhile, others were simply all about her stunning beauty as they wrote her several compliments, like “hottest girl I know,” “breathtaking,” and “exquisite.” Another fan also commented how now, they truly needed to be “drinking,” just to cool down from Ora’s heat!

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