Robert Downey Jr. & AGBO Fantasy Football League Donate $250K in Chadwick Boseman’s Memory

A new season of the 2020 AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League has begun, and actor Robert Downey Jr. kicked things off with a special message on Twitter in honor of fellow-MCU alum Chadwick Boseman’s memory, by dedicating $250,000 of the league’s prize money to charities on behalf of the late actor.

“What a year it’s been, and fantasy football is back on. Robert Downey Jr. here, I’ll be playing for the AGBO Superhero League. Footprint coalition, if I win the big prize. But, that’s not what matters. The cool part is that $250,000 is going to be donated to charities in Chadwick Boseman’s memory. So, we’re gonna go long. We’re gonna spike it in the end zone. We’re gonna Hail Mary… Let the trash-talking begin!”

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The AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League is a celebrity coalition that was formed last year when MCU directors Joe and Anthony Russo partnered with ESPN’s senior fantasy football analyst Matthew Berry through their company AGBO production. The league uses the earnings from the prize money to provide aid to charities the world over. As can be expected, plenty of star power from Marvel is a part of the league, with this year’s 14 players including current top dog Chris Hemsworth, alongside Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, and Tom Holland. After Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan left the league, Pom Klementieff and Simu Liu were brought on board to swell the ranks.

For the 2020 prize money, the AGBO Superhero League has partnered with FanDuel, which will donate $1.25 million to charities throughout the entirety of the season, with $250,000 of that amount dedicated to specific charities in memory of the lead star of Black Panther. Joe Russo thanked FanDuel for their support of the league while paying tribute to Chadwick Boseman.

“This cast is like family. We love doing this together and we’re all delighted to be able to benefit our favorite charities. Now we can play in a far more meaningful way thanks to the generous support of FanDuel. Most importantly, it’s an honor to dedicate this season to Chadwick. We all miss him dearly.”

The MCU fandom continues to struggle with the shock of losing Chadiwck Boseman so suddenly after the actor’s secret four-year battle with colon cancer. Fans have expressed amazement at discovering that Boseman had been suffering from the illness and undergoing painful medical treatment procedures at the time when he had been filming his action-packed scenes for Black Panther and the two final Avengers movies.

Apart from dedicating money to charities in Boseman’s memory, Downey Jr. paid tribute to the late actor and his contributions to the MCU when he declared Black Panther the franchise’s greatest achievement.

“Black Panther is, hands down, it is the crowning achievement of the Marvel Universe, and I say that with all due respect to all the films that have been made, including my own. But it was the one where people got to vote with their ticket sales and say, ‘We require this overdue diversity, this is a meritocracy, or at least it should be, and this is a fantastic movie that has leveled the playing field’, and appropriately so. His legacy is so meaningful.”

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