Royal Biographer Claims Prince Harry, Prince William Were ‘Never Good Friends’

Prince Harry and Prince William were once the best of friends before Harry decided to leave England and follow the love of his life to the United States—at least that’s what the narrative has become. One biographer now reveals the two were not that close in the first place. Gossip Cop has looked into it, and here’s what we’ve found.

Not The Best Of Friends

While their relationship is frosty now, were Harry and William ever really that close? In an interview with Mirror, royal biographer Ingrid Seward says no. “Despite appearing to do so, the two boys never got along particularly well,” she says. While the two were always hoking around in TV interviews, they weren’t good friends.

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Kate Middleton has apparently done her best to get the brothers back on the same page, but she has failed. “Kate went a long way to encourage their relationship and although William has always looked out for Harry, he feels at the moment there is nothing more he can do,” Seward says. Harry’s admitted to having bad days with William before the schism, so perhaps Seward is right.

Is Seward Right?

It’s very easy to see Harry and William as characters in a story instead of real people. Nothing is as simple as saying they were friends and now they’re not, so Gossip Cop thinks Seward has a point here. That being said, we seriously doubt she has any close insight into either royals’ life. 

A take like this involves exploring how the brothers feel about one another, and only William and Harry know how they feel. We’re also dubious to how she uplifts Middleton, yet makes no mention of Markle. The double standard between the duchesses is at play once again.

The Timeline For Prince William

There is a legitimate reason to suspect that the two brothers drifted apart. After the tragic death of Princess Diana, the family came close together. Then they got older. Harry went to Iraq and William got married soon after he came back. The brothers drifted apart like so many brothers do in their thirties.

Harry’s move to the United States could not have helped the brothers’ relationship, but there may be hope for a reunion. Harry and William did come together to unveil a statue of their mother. Reports also arrived ahead of the Platinum Jubilee that the brothers were holding weekly FaceTime calls to mend their rift. 

Unfortunately, they only went so far. William made no time to meet Lilibet Diana while his brother was in town, something tabloids have blamed Harry for somehow. Seward is trying to change the narrative of how the brother’s story gets told, so there’s a bit more nuance than we’re used to seeing. That being said, you should still only take this story with a grain of salt over a total lack of evidence.

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