Royal Expert Claims Prince William Took A Jab At His Brother In Recent Speech

Relations between Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, appear to be as tense as ever, and a royal expert is claiming that the feud might have gotten more public. Did William subtly call out his brother in a recent speech?

William and his wife Kate Middleton just finished up an eight-day trip to the Caribbean and Central America, and in a closing statement about the tour, the Duke of Cambridge made a comment that some are seeing as a dig at Harry. 

“Catherine and I are committed to service,” William said. “For us, that’s not telling people what to do. It is about serving and supporting them in whatever way they think best, by using the platform we are lucky to have.”

While the comment seems innocent, royal biographer Angela Levin is claiming that Willliam was criticizing his brother, who has been an increasingly vocal supporter of causes he is passionate about in the time since he left the royal family. 

Levin, who spent a year with the Duke of Sussex as an authorized biographer, said, “I think [William]’s right, I think that worked very well to say what he felt without telling people what to do – which I thought was also a dig at his brother.”

Was William Trying To Call Harry Out?

Many would love to believe that this comment is just the latest in the war between the royals, but it seems unlikely. William’s comments are probably in reference to the controversies he and Middleton faced while on tour. The nations they visited have expressed interest in cutting ties with the British royals and demanded reparations for the slavery and colonization that took place in the past. 

The duke’s statement about “not telling people what to do” seems more likely to be about letting the Caribbean countries break things off with the UK if they see fit to do so, not a veiled criticism of Harry’s activism. 

Some are comparing Harry’s comments about mental health in the workforce to the royal family’s “never complain, never explain” policy. William’s comments could mean a shift in the way the royal family handles controversy. 

A source told the Daily Mail, “The prince believes that for him, the days of ‘never complain’ are over. He definitely won’t be speaking out regularly but believes if the monarchy has something to say, then it should say it.” Relations between William and Harry are reportedly still frosty, but it’s highly unlikely that the brothers have resorted to taking public shots at each other. 

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