Royal Rumor Says Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Supposedly Begging Royal Family To Take Them Back

Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry begging the royal family to let them back into the fold? One tabloid claims the duke and duchess used Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee to “plead their case.” Here’s the latest gossip about the Sussexes.

Meghan Markle, Harry Pleading ‘Take Us Back’?

This week’s edition of Star reports Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have started to regret their choice to leave their royal duties and pursue an independent life in the United States. “Harry wants to rebuild relationships with his family,” an insider dishes. “The way he sees it, life is too short to bear a grudge especially with his beloved grandmother growing older.” Sources say Harry has grown homesick as he and Markle hit roadblocks in their streaming deals. “He still loves being in the U.S.,” the tipster spills. “But it hasn’t been a cakewalk.”

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So, according to the article, Harry made sure to use his time in England to build bridges between himself and the rest of his family. The snitch reveals Harry set up a Zoom call with Prince William and Kate Middleton, which was swiftly followed by an in-person playdate between their children. But overall, sources say the Sussexes were just grateful to be back in royal life, albeit only temporarily. “They wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” the insider concludes.

Sussexes’ Jubilee Visit Spells ‘The End Of Megxit’?

This report is incredibly thin and we have absolutely no reason to buy it. First of all, there are no credible reports of Harry and William meeting during the Jubilee celebrations. As far as we know, the brothers never crossed paths. But, if they did interact in any way, we’re absolutely certain that this rag wouldn’t be the first to know about it.

Furthermore, we just aren’t buying this extremely unoriginal narrative that Harry is secretly unhappy living in the States. We’ve debunked this Sussex story countless times, and this revival is no more convincing. Furthermore, the Sussexes seem to have seamlessly returned to their California lives, and we have no reason to believe they’re itching to escape. In fact, the most recent photos of Harry show him having a blast at a polo game not far from his Santa Barbara home.

More Sussex Nonsense From The Tabloid

Of course, we were immediately skeptical going into this story given Star’s past coverage of the Sussexes. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Harry and Markle were “bosses from hell.” Then the magazine claimed Prince William excluded the Sussexes from the royal Jubilee celebrations against the queen’s wishes. And most recently, the publication alleged Markle was demanding to take part in every conversation Harry had with the royal family. Obviously, Star doesn’t really have spies lurking in the Sussexes’ social circle.

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