Rumer Willis Follows In Britney Spears’ Footsteps, Tells Haters To ‘Kiss My A**!’

Rumer Willis is taking a page out of Britney Spears’ Instagram playbook!

The daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore is sick of people leaving hateful and rude comments on her sexy IG photos, so she’s got one message for them.

Listen up!

On Thursday, July 8, Rumer posted a bum-baring photo of herself in a yellow and red bikini on what appears to be a boat (or yacht). She’s laying on her stomach, tanning her back and her cheeks are on full display.

*Sighs* To have that kind of confidence.

She captioned the photo, “For the haters….with love and gratitude kindly 💋 my 🍑, I’ll keep smiling regardless ✌🏼”

Rumer’s fans were very supportive in the comments leaving messages like, “I’m sorry there are so my haters out there…but hating people aren’t happy and happy people aren’t hating!! you are beautiful inside and out!!!! ❤️❤️,” and “Haters are jealous. Don’t succumb 🔥❤️.”

The “House Bunny” actress has been on a roll warding off haters as of late.

On June 29, Rumer posted a cute photo of her in a ‘70s-inspired outfit complete with orange bell-bottoms, and yellow graphic t-shirt. She wore her hair in French braids and sported some super cute accessories!

However, while she looks absolutely gorgeous in these photos, fans were quick to call her out for appearing too thin and looking unhealthy.

After the harsh criticism, Rumer took to her Instagram story to address the backlash on the pic.

She wrote, “After the barrage of some really inappropriate comments left on my pic I posted yesterday I was left really bummed cause I was really enjoying the silly pics I took.”

Rumer added, “It was a weird angle that even made me feel like I looked smaller than I do in real life.”

She laid into the haters calling it wrong for people to comment on someone else’s body.

“Even though you may think it’s your job or even your right to leave your unfiltered thoughts or judgements about my body for me and others to read…it’s not,” she said. “Also just to give clarity if I was really struggling with any kind of food issues ( which I’m gratefully not) coming for me in my comments and telling me how I’m too skinny or I need to eat is absolutely not helpful and extremely body shaming.”

Rumer’s final message to EVERYONE, “Body shaming of any kind is something I will not stand for.”

Her recent message of kissing her you know what, comes after Britney Spears also sent the same message to her haters on Instagram.

In a post from July 8, Britney told her haters who talk behind her back to “kindly bend over and KISS MY ASS.”

Message received, ladies!

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