Russell Crowe And Terri Irwin Dating? Getting Married? Here’s The Truth

Russell Crowe And Terri Irwin’s “Happily Every After?”

In 2018, the magazine, Star, alleged Terri Irwin and Russell Crowe were dating. The publication claimed Irwin and Crowe, after years of being close friends, were “finally” together and having their “happy ending.” A supposed insider spilled to the outlet, “Russell is such an important person in Terri’s life. He’s been a real rock,” adding that the two had their “first real date” at the time. “They’ve always hung out as friends but this time, there was something different,” the seemingly phony tipster continued. Before the bogus piece came out, Irwin commented on the rumors about her supposed romance with Crowe and even poked fun of it. But, the author noted that the two are “really good pals” which made this piece from Star incorrect.

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