Russell Crowe’s Weight Seems To Be A Major Concern For Some People

Gladiator 2 Means Crowe Is Desperate To Lose Weight

The culprit here is once again Globe, who claimed Crowe will need to shed at least 150 pounds off his “350-pound” frame in order to return for Gladiator 2. A supposed source said “it’s been a nightmare” trying to lose all this weight “and he’s grouchy as hell.” All the same, and with his friends’ support, Crowe is “determined to get back in fighting shape.” If you’ve seen Gladiator you may be scratching your head right now, and rightfully so. There is no script for Gladiator 2, and scripts for Ridley Scott films can be workshopped for a very long time, which means if Crowe was even involved he wouldn’t need to go to the gym for a good long while.

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