Ryan Murphy Opens Up About ‘Dahmer’ Controversy: ‘Researched For A Very Long Time’

Ryan Murphy is claiming that he and the Dahmer crew tried to reach out to the victim’s family member but no one responded.

Ryan Murphy Made An Effort

The writer is insisting that he, the showrunners, and the researchers behind Dahmer took the proper channels in making the show come to life and that included the research team allegedly reaching out to friends and family members via different ways of communication and not one single person got back to them.

“It’s something that we researched for a very long time,” he says to The Hollywood Reporter. “And we, over the course of the three, three and a half years when we were really writing it, working on it, we reached out to 20, around 20 of the victims’ families and friends trying to get input, trying to talk to people and not a single person responded to us in that process.”

Ryan Murphy Claims It How The Show Was Made

Ryan MurphyThe producer insists that the show was made based on the heavy research they did. “We relied very, very heavily on our incredible group of researchers who … I don’t even know how they found a lot of this stuff,” he says, which sounds suspicious in itself.

“But it was just like a night and day effort to us trying to uncover the truth of these people.” He went on to say that despite all this, the show was mainly about “the monster that he became” while he pillaged through under-served communities and murdered people already apart of multiple minority groups.

To prove all the research he did, Murphy stated on The Hollywood Reporter panel that he is also hoping to get a memorial put up. “Anything that we could do to get that to happen … I would even be happy to pay for it myself.”

He went on to acknowledge the resistance for a memorial from many people including the victim’s families. “I think there’s some resistance because they think the park would attract people who are interested in paying homage to the macabre.”

Here Is The Problem Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy is seen leaving from Fred apos s at Barney apos s NYC in Beverly Hills

Murphy is attesting to all this research that was done, but in the same breath say’s, “I don’t even know how they found a lot of this stuff,” and then we have the victim’s family members, now victims themselves from the assault of this TV show, saying they were never contacted.

“I don’t see how they can use our names and put stuff out like that out there,” said Tony Hughes’s mother, the hearing-impaired victim of Dahmer. VictimErrol Lindsey’s sister Rita Isbel has been extremely vocal about her distaste for the show as well.

In addition, she insists that no one contacted her either. Murphy claims that research was done but yet, but here are two people repeatedly saying they were not contacted and find the show offensive. Plus, he’s talking about putting up a memorial when the community and victim’s family members are disturbed and don’t want the reminder or need to be re-traumatized.

Dahmer has been a hit for Murphy and Netflix but drummed up much controversy.

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