Sarah Jessica Parker Gives ‘And Just Like That…’ Fashion Sneak Peak Featuring A Colorful Mix Of Prints And Some Iconic Shoes

Mixing prints and fabric isn’t for the faint of heart, but as we know, Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) never shies away from taking fashion risks.

In a recent Instagram post, SJP posted a picture of herself wearing a layered look decked out with plenty of accessories. The mismatched but somehow still cohesive ensemble featured a blue and white plaid peacoat, a flowy maxi dress with stripes of fall hues, and a quintessential season stape gray Panama-style hat.

The hat and the vintage bag were fab, but one thing caught our attention even among the many colors and prints: her blue suede “Duchessa Gardini” boots. In the caption, SJP referred to the boots, calling them “Carrie’s version of blue suede shoes.”

“Duchessa Gardini” is apparently a faux line of Italian handcrafted footwear that exists in Carrie Bradshaw’s fictional world. She told Vogue that it would be “too weird” for her actual real-life shoe line to appear in the world of the show. However, SJP has actually made several real designs for the pretend label.

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It seems SJP’s eclectic getup will be featured in the second season of And Just Like That…, which was renewed earlier this year. While no release date has been set yet, the show’s Instagram page caused quite a stir with their latest post of Carrie stepping out of a trailer in the wedding gown.

We love anything SJP, and these boots could easily be a fall-weather wardrobe staple for those who enjoy a bold pop of color in their closet, even if they’re not using them to meander around Manhattan like Carrie. In the meantime, we’ll try to find our own pair of knee-high suede boots and patiently await And Just Like That…’s second season.

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