Savannah James Talks How Her Life Changed After Welcoming Daughter Zhuri

Savannah James adores her two sons. However, the entertainer cannot help but notice the difference in raising a daughter.

The media personality is best known as the beautiful wife of NBA superstar LeBron James. However, the 36-year-old does not live in her husband’s shadow as a successful businesswoman.

During their over-a-decade romance, the high school sweethearts welcomed three precious children — two boys and a girl. Opening up about her responsibilities as a mother, the socialite revealed how birthing a daughter altered her life.

Savannah James Says Daughter Zhuri Inspires Her To Move In A ‘Positive Direction’

In a recent sit-down with The Cut for the magazine’s cover story, the interior designer got candid about her life as a mother with three children. Talking about her last-born daughter Zhuri, the Ohio native shared how the little girl changed her perspective as a parent.

LeBron James, Savannah James and Zhuri James

Comparing her experiences as a mother of two boys to being a girl’s parent, the entrepreneur confessed: “It’s very different.” Opening up about the difference, the Los Angeles Lakers player’s wife recalled a 2022 incident.

The mother and daughter had been watching TV while engaging in a discussion when Zhuri interrupted their rhythm to say: “Mommy, I want to be just like you … you dress so well, and you do your makeup so good, and you’re just so cool, and you can dance.”

The sudden confession might have pleased other people. However, the Home Court founder’s emotions were the opposite. “It was all the things that appealed to a 7-year-old at the time. It scared me, to be very honest,” the 36-year-old confessed.

When the interviewer noted that the businesswoman must feel pressured to have someone watching her, the former Juice Shop owner agreed it was difficult. Sharing her vulnerabilities, the Women of Our Future philanthropist noted that she was conscious of her growth as a human being.

“I was already kind of in a place of working on myself; in the last four years, I’ve been on this intentional journey of being a better woman,” Savannah explained. “So a part of me, when she said that, I was scared, but then I was kind of like, okay, well, I’m onto something.”

“We just got to keep it moving in a positive direction. I’m just hoping that with all of the decisions I’m making and the things that she’s seeing, when she’s 14, she’s still saying she wants to be like me,” Savannah continued.

Savannah James and daughter Zhuri

Adding that she sees her “inner child” in Zhuri, the Ohio beauty admitted that she tries to impact her daughter’s life daily. 

Savannah happily got “mushy” and raved about her babies when asked about her most incredible pride. “I am most proud of the humans whom I’ve created. They are amazing,” the doting mother began her praises.

“They surprise me every day just with how intelligent, kind, and amazing they are. I pat myself on the back and give high-fives to my husband because I always tell him, ‘We did that. We did that,’” the entertainer exclaimed.

Savannah noted that she was also proud of her growth, stating she could not be compared to the woman she was five years ago. Sharing her hopes for the future, the 36-year-old claimed she would embrace whatever came her way with her “heart and just available to all the good things.”

LeBron James And His Wife Take Parenthood To New Heights With Matching Tattoos

There is no better way to honor one’s children than with a permanent declaration of love, just like LeBron and Savannah did. Last year, the longtime couple paid tribute to their three children — Bronny Jr., Bryce Maximus, and Zhuri James.

LeBron James and Wife Savannah with their three children

The lovebirds stopped by the tattoo parlor Ganga Tattoo to engrave their kids’ initials on the side of their hands. The letters “BBZ” were inked in different designs on the couple’s skin.

For the 19-time NBA All-Star honoree, his artwork featured italicized letters written in bold black ink underneath a large crown. The royal feature presumably referenced the basketball player’s moniker “King James.”

Meanwhile, the caramel-toned beauty’s tattoo featured her children’s italicized initials written cutely on her hand. The duo’s first son Bronny visited the tattoo parlor earlier, where he allegedly got several tattoos on his neck and wrists.

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