Save On Energy Bills And Stay Warm Year Round With This Surprising Piece Of Home Decor

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When the temperature turns frigid and we’re forced indoors, there are a few things that you can do to keep warm. Heated blankets, warm cozy socks, and our favorite oversized sweater are all personal favorites of mine. Lighting a candle, drinking some hot tea, and finding comfort in the simple things help too.

But you might need a little extra help staying warm this winter, because heating your home may cost up to 30% more than normal this year.

A lot of people don’t know there’s one piece of home decor that can accent your room while also influencing its temperature. Let us introduce–thermal curtains. These money-saving, light-blocking, and energy-efficient pieces of textile could be exactly what your home needs to stay toasty this winter.

How Do Thermal Curtains Work?

Thermal curtains work by creating a barrier that blocks the heat from escaping through the windows. During the winter, these curtains keep the home warm, and in the summer they keep the home cool. They differ from regular curtains because they are typically woven more tightly and made from heavier and thicker materials.

In other words, the fabric reduces thermal transfer. “This means that the temperature on one side of the window panel will not have an effect on the temperature on the other side of the window panel,” Angela Boswell, the co-founder of The Drape, told

Make sure to open the curtains during sunny winter days to get the benefit of the warm sun, and then close them tightly at night to get the insulating properties. In the summertime, make sure to close curtains on windows that get direct sunlight, to keep your home cool.

Benefits Of Thermal Curtains

There are numerous benefits to using thermal curtains. Firstly, your bank account will benefit. The savings will be seen in your energy bills year-round.

Thermal curtains also block out light, dampen outside noise, and provide a level of privacy that regular curtains can’t. In particular, bedrooms are an ideal spot to install them. They’ll likely help you stay asleep, especially when pesky morning light starts creeping in. Not to mention, they’ll also provide a cozy and warm environment for sound sleep.

You may think that thermal curtains are a bit drab, but they’ve come a long way and are now available in a variety of designs and colors to match any decor. Thermal curtains can be an interesting accent piece or provide a much-needed pop of color in a space, all while performing an important job.

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