Selena Gomez Set To Produce A Remake Of THIS Beloved ’80s Comedy

Selena Gomez has plenty to celebrate lately!

The “Rare” singer recently celebrated her 30th birthday with one of her close besties, the one and only Ms. Taylor Swift, the Hulu comedy she stars in alongside legendary comedic geniuses Steve Martin and Martin Short scored three Emmy nominations, and she also attended one of the most highly anticipated weddings of the year!

Between gossip sessions with her Nana and delighting her TikTok followers with snapshots into her life, it’s a wonder Gomez has any free time! “Only Murders In The Building” sweeping up Emmy nominations hasn’t been the only professional milestone the actress has experienced in 2022.

Putting The ‘Pro’ In Professional

Earlier this year Gomez opened up about a rather personal endeavor; she helped launch a social network for those who are seeking mental health services and information, and those who are looking to take better care of their scrolling habits. Wondermind went live this winter.

Gomez’s “Only Murders In The Building” season two co-star and another one of her close celebrity pals, Cara Delevingne, praised her friend’s professionalism on set.

“To be able to spend that much time with her and also to be able to work with her [was great]…” Delevingne revealed to E! per a report from The Blast.

Delevingne and Gomez have indeed had tons of fun on set; their characters share a complex storyline, which includes an ‘OMG’ worthy lip-lock.

Filming their big moment was “just hysterical,” Delevingne shared, “It’s just one of those things, especially when you know someone so well, it’s the comfortability and you kind of have fun with it.”

Delevingne really values the screen time she shares with Gomez. She also added in her aforementioned interview with E! that her friend was “brilliant, like, one of my favorite actors I’ve ever worked with.” (via The Blast)

There will be a whole new set of actors and actresses and behind-the-scenes personnel who will have the chance to work with Gomez pretty soon!

Inside Gomez’s Newest Project

Gomez’s creative juices have been flowing strongly this year!

The actress, who also serves as an executive producer on the set of “Only Murders In The Building” in addition to her starring role as the surly millennial to Martin and Short’s endearingly old geezer characters, will soon step into a producer role once again.

Gomez’s latest project will give a new spin on a beloved and pioneering classic film from the eighties; she is set to produce a remake of the Melanie Griffith vehicle, 1988’s “Working Girl!”

People reported the remake “will reportedly be developed by 20th Century Studios,” and will join the streaming service that is also home to “Only Murders in The Building,” Hulu.

The remake will have some big shoes to fill, no doubt. The original film was directed by the late and legendary Mike Nichols, and also received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, according to the outlet.

Gomez has yet to publicly comment on the project.

There’s no doubt Gomez is definitely going to be a ‘working girl’ for the foreseeable future!

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