Serena Williams’ Daughter Olympia Already Breaking Sports Records: ‘My Genes’

Serena Williams is celebrating her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. who like her mother is already making waves in the world of sport.

The moment of pride came when the four-year-old showed off her football skills alongside Angel City FC players. The toddler also earned her stripes as the youngest owner of any professional sports team two years ago.

Serena Williams’ Genes Are Manifesting In Her Daughter, Alexis Olympia

Serena Williams's post of daughter Olympia on her Instagram Story
Instagram | Serena Williams

Williams has earned many accolades as a professional tennis player, and now, it seems Olympia is itching to make her mark on football.

The toddler appeared on a video her mother reposted to her Instagram Story some hours ago, with the caption, “MY GENES.”

The clip showed the four-year-old kicking a ball around a field with several adults surrounding her. Although the ball did not enter the net when she kicked it, she was beckoned by her dad, Alexis Sr., to try again.

Her second attempt landed the ball in the net and prompted a cheer from onlookers. Posted initially on Olympia’s Instagram page, the video has elicited thousands of likes and comments from fans.

While one person noted, “it was the back kick for me!!! [thumbs up emoji],” another gushed, “Awww, baby Olympia’s getting so big! Look at her flexin her skills! She scored on her papa wow.”

A third fan seemed more interested in Williams’ parenting skills as she wrote, “You guys are awesome. You have given her such a solid structure. Natural talent.”

Several others noted her “footwork” and encouraged the young girl to keep working on her “talent” and “game.”

Serena Williams's post of daughter Olympia on her Instagram Story
Instagram | Serena Williams

Williams also shared a snapshot of the Angel FC jumbotron acknowledging Alexis as the “youngest owner in pro sports.”

You would recall that the toddler earned the accolade after her parents invested in the football club, which is a National Women’s Soccer League, two years ago.

Although the move has provided the youngster with a hefty bank account, it has not stopped people from asking about her tennis skills.

The Blast shared that Williams had to speak on her daughter’s tennis skills during a May appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

After DeGeneres asked how Olympia was at tennis, Williams hesitated by inhaling and probing if she asked as a mom or an athlete.

Upon getting assurance that it was her unbiased opinion fans wanted to hear, the mother-of-one said she was unsure if she could give an objective response.

The 40-year-old noted that even though her daughter could dish out a stellar backhand swing, her tennis skills were okay. The one thing she was choosing not to do was to put pressure on the youngster. In her words:

“I don’t push her because she’s four . . . she’s alright. I’ve seen four-year-olds that might take her out on the court.”

The 23-time Grand Slam Titleholder Sets New Record With Highest Priced Trading Card

It is not hard to see where Olympia gets her record-breaking mentality from as The Blast revealed in May that Williams’ trading cards had become hot commodities in the market.

An auction event held by Goldin Auctions — a famous marketplace for memorabilia, collectibles, and trading cards — earned the former world No.1 titleholder a new record for the highest-priced trading card belonging to a female athlete.

The organization’s Executive Chairman and Founder, Ken Goldin, confirmed the exciting news via a tweet that included a picture of Williams’ record-breaking trading card.

The multimillion-dollar business owner, the Grand Slam Champions’ 2003 NETPRO signed patch rookie card, got sold for $266,400 at his auction house.

The athlete’s trading card price shocked several Twitter users, who were quick to roll out conspiracy theories in Goldin’s replies.

Amidst the claims that only Williams’ husband would buy the WTA star’s cards, Alexis revealed that even though he had several of his wife’s memorabilia, her 2003 NETPRO signed patch rookie card was not one of them. The Reddit co-founder tweeted:

“I didn’t win *this* one! I’ve been collecting the ultimate Serena collection for 4 years now [smiley face emoji]. I’m okay with a few other folks enjoying some wins.”

One curious fan promptly asked Ohanian if the “Venus and Serena” star had seen his unique collection, and the venture capitalist admitted that she had only seen part of it.

The “Without Their Permission” author explained that he kept most of Williams’ memorabilia in a vault because he did not want to spoil the surprise until the collection was complete.

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