Serena Williams & Daughter Olympia Have Adorable Date Night In New York

Mother and daughter duo Serena Williams and Olympia Ohanian never cease to amaze fans with their natural adorableness and love both on and off social media. They did so once again with a lovely Instagram update posted recently by the famed athlete and showing the twosome having a fantastic night all by themselves.

Serena Williams And Olympia Enjoy New York Night-Out In New Instagram Post

Portrait of Serena Williams and daughter Olympia Ohanian posted on her Instagram page
Instagram | Serena Williams

Williams uploaded a picture of herself with her little girl Olympia sitting at a table in a restaurant and gazing in concentration at the screen of a mobile device, reflecting on their face. Her daughter was seated very close to her as her lemon green cardigan covered both of them. In addition, she wore a black camisole underneath while Olympia opted for a light-colored blouse.

They also appeared to have just finished eating as there were plates with food crumbs on the table alongside a drink-filled glass. “NY Date nights @olympiaohanian,” the 40-year-old mother wrote in the caption, indicating that the loving pair were in New York.

As expected, fans were all over the post with thousands of likes and gushing remarks about how cute the celebrity duo looked. Several fans advised Williams to enjoy such days with her mini-me, given kids grow up too fast, while others were merely interested in hailing her mothering skills.

Like mother, like daughter is a fitting description for the WTA champion and her daughter. It was recently proven accurate as Olympia showed off her inherited athletic skills earlier this month. The Blast reported that the doting mother was beyond proud as she shared a clip of the budding sportsperson playing with the Angel City FC on her Instagram Story.

The video showed Olympia kicking a ball around the field with some adults surrounding her. While the ball did not enter the net when she initially kicked it, her father, Alexis Ohanian, signaled her to try again. She went ahead to do so, leading to her landing the ball in the net and causing a cheer from nearby viewers.

The update was initially shared on the four-year-old’s Instagram feed, triggering numerous remarks about the youngster’s splendid “footwork.” In addition to showing potential as an athlete, Olympia was also acknowledged by her mother as the “youngest owner in pro sports.”

This came about after her parents invested in Angel City FC, a National Women’s Soccer League, two years back, leading to the toddler now having a substantial bank account. Nevertheless, people are still interested in Olympia’s tennis skills and whether her future would include her mother’s much-loved sport.

Williams spoke about the subject earlier in May on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” revealing her uncertainty about responding objectively to how her child did at tennis. She noted that despite Olympia’s skill in giving a remarkable backhand swing, her tennis prowess was okay. She also did not want to put much pressure on the child due to her young age. In her words:

“I don’t push her because she’s four… she’s alright. I’ve seen four-year-olds that might take her out on the court.”

The 23-Time Grand Slam Winner Feels A Great Deal Of Pain About Retirement

Serena Williams at Wimbledon Live Day 2

Williams’ reign in the tennis industry seems to have come to an end following her announcement about retiring, which she was still trying to accept. The Blast shared that the Australian Open icon spoke about how painful it felt ending her career even though she previously mentioned being ready in February.

Given her age and the multiple times her daughter expressed her wish to have a sibling, Williams hinted that she planned on expanding her family. Although she never regretted being a woman or being pregnant with Olympia, she also believed if she was a man, she would not be so burdened with the duties of motherhood and bearing kids.

The US Open champion further recounted her pregnancy period, disclosing that she loved being pregnant and worked until the delivery day. In addition, she won the 2017 Australia Open when she was just in the second month of her pregnancy. Speaking of her retirement, she saw it as a “transition” but preferred the term “evolution” away from tennis and toward other important things.

The French Open idol was not so thrilled about withdrawing from the game and felt “a great deal of pain;” however, she anticipated what lay ahead in her future.

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