Serena Williams Gets Dramatic New Piercing At Art Basel

Serena Williams screamed her way through a little ear piercing at Art Basel over the weekend, but it was worth the pain.

Serena Williams Has A New Accessory

The tennis pro was indulging at Art Basel this week. She took a risk and got a new ear piercing. Williams posts a video of the moment on TikTok and it has already garnered a lot of comments. Fans couldn’t believe that Williams was afraid of a little piercing.

Mind you she has had a whole baby so one would think that a little second ear piercing wouldn’t be so dramatic, right? Wrong. Williams didn’t let her fans know what they were in for in the caption, instead she led with a flashing light warning.

“Warning: Flashing Lights #ArtBaselMiami #earspierced #shenaningans” she writes.

Serena Williams Screamed Through The Pain

Serena Williams Gets Dramatic New Piercing At Art Basel

“Okay, just do it,” says Williams enthusiastically before it all goes to hell. She winces her way through the alcohol cleanse and the marking on the ear. She laughs at herself when she realizes the piercer was only cleaning it.

“Whoa, I’m not ready,” she laughs nervously clutching her chest and inching away from the piercer. “I’m nervous.” She reminds herself “breath, breath, breath, breath, breath.” Williams checks her heart rate and confirms it going nuts.

The hilarious video shows a side of Williams that fans don’t get to see often; she’s coming off as tipsy and very relaxed; a super fun time was had.

Serena Williams Wishes She Took A Shot

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The fashion designer made it clear that she “should’ve had something, a glass of wine before,” she laughs the fear away as much as possible. When she finally lets the anxiety pass, the prick of the piercing needle is quick, and Williams begins laughing at herself immediately and referring to herself as “dramatic”.

“Wooo I’m sweating,” she admits. “I’m not proud of this,” she says before asking the piercer is she is finished yet. She comes out on the other side of the piercing with a cute gold stud and looking for a stick of deodorant to put on.

Serena Williams Fans Love The Look

Serena Williams at AFI Fest Closing Night - King Richard Premiere - Los Angeles

But not the dramatics. They commented on her TikTok post. “A tinge dramatic but make it glam 😂😂,” insists one follower. Many sympathized with Williams. “A tinge dramatic but make it glam 😂😂,” wrote one follower.

“Just being a goddess 😍😍😍,” says another. “Shoulda hadda something lol,” said one more referring to that drink Serena regretted not having.  Some of her followers offered up advice on aftercare; “Try Witch Hazel to help calm any future discomfort.”

Williams is probably just focused on making sure she sleeps on the right side, or she’ll wake up with a sore, throbbing ear.

Serena Williams Is Getting Around

Serena Williams Gets Dramatic New Piercing At Art Basel

The tennis star is making the rounds at Art Basel. She was spotted in a photo looking phenomenal with Khloe and Kim Kardashian after a 50 Cent concert that they showed up late to and the rapper restarted for them.

She documented the “Miami Nights”. The two stunned in some aggressively sexy outfits and danced the night away. Do you think this is what led to a night of piercings?

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