Shady Insider Claims Jennifer Lopez Supposedly Stressed Over Failing To Win Over Affleck Family

Does Jennifer Lopez get along with the family of Ben Affleck? One report says the Hustlers star is not getting along with his mother, Chris Boldt, because she still prefers Jennifer Garner. Is there any truth to this? Here’s what we know.

‘J. Lo Out With The In-Laws’

According to Star, Affleck is beloved by Lopez’s entire family, but she’s reviled by his. A source says, “A number of Ben’s friends and family worry that J.Lo’s way too controlling and he’s moved too quickly into this and it could all end in tears.” Apparently, Affleck’s mother still remains loyal to Garner.

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It’s not for lack of trying on the couple’s part. Affleck has supposedly worked tirelessly for over a year to get Lopez and Boldt on the same page. “He really wants everyone he cares about to love her the way he does, but the reaction has been pretty lukewarm,” the insider concludes. “J.Lo’s trying not to let it stress her out, but it does.”

Is Jennifer Lopez In Good Graces?

It will not surprise you to learn there is absolutely no proof that Lopez is an enemy to Ben Affleck’s mother. All Star has is quotes from so-called insiders who probably don’t even exist. The two went to Hamilton together last year, so everything is at least civil.

It’s true that Boldt and Garner are close, but that doesn’t really mean anything for Lopez. Garner’s a part of the family. She went trick or treating with Lopez last year in an effort to help blend the two families.

There’s always going to be a process of ingratiating a new partner into a family. It’s hard to say how Affleck’s mother of all people feels about anyone really. She’s firmly a private citizen with little to no public profile. How Star has access to her thoughts is left to the imagination. We do know that Lopez’s mom loves Affleck, so they at least have that going for them.

Bad Lopez Takes Abound

This is the same tabloid that announced Lopez was dissatisfied with Affleck because of his poor wedding planning. Since the two got married in Las Vegas rather abruptly, that story sure feels false. Star also attacked Affleck’s weight and said he couldn’t keep up with Lopez in the gym. He’s won Sexiest Man Alive and played Batman. He knows how to work out.

This tabloid once claimed Nicole Kidman’s mother would bring an end to her marriage as well. It’s just a trope and nothing more. Affleck and Lopez are enjoying their honeymoon, so this story of woe is completely bogus.

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