Shady Rumor Claims Jane Fonda Supposedly Got ‘Plastic Surgery Overhaul’ To Attract Younger Men 

Is Jane Fonda getting too friendly with plastic surgeons? One report says she’s gone under the knife to be more appealing to younger men. On its face, this looks like a sexist story attacking a woman for aging. Here’s what we know.

‘New Kisser For Born-Again Cougar Jane!’

Per the Globe, Fonda’s face looks a bit plumper than usual. It says that rumors are flying that the Monster-In-Law star underwent a complete plastic surgery overhaul in hopes of restarting her love life. An insider says, “Everywhere she goes, younger men adore her. They can’t help it, she has an aura.”

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While Fonda has insisted she’s no longer interested in romance, the source snitches that she’s changed her mind and wants younger men. “She’s awfully flattered by the attention… and if some nip/tuck improves her chances, more power to her.” Doctors speculate that she’s undergone a facelift, botox, and fat injections all to spruce up her face.

What’s Going On With Jane Fonda

First of all, the doctors in this story have not worked with Jane Fonda at all. They’re openly speculating if plastic surgery happened based on carefully chosen photos. They have no idea when Fonda’s had work done, nor can they say for sure if anything’s happened at all.

The Globe mentions that Fonda swore off romance in a hasty attempt to handwave her own words. In 2021, Fonda told Harper’s Bazaar: “I don’t want to be in a relationship, a sexual relationship, again. I don’t have that desire.” She admits to fantasizing about younger men but doubles down on her opinion: “ I’m very grateful that I don’t have to get naked in front of anybody again ever, even in candlelight.”

The tabloid can offer nothing of substance to argue against her words, so it just handwaves them. In reality, she just doubled down on them. Last month, she told Yahoo, “What’s important is to know that you don’t have to stay sexually active, [but] you can stay sexual.” If she was really perving over the young men around her, why say any of this? Fonda looks no different today than she did a year ago, so any surgery cannot be called a total overhaul.

A Familiar Problem For Jane Fonda

Back in May, the Globe announced Jane Fonda was falling apart and could hardly walk anymore. That was false, and it goes conspicuously unmentioned here. We also debunked its story about Fonda secretly hating Dolly Parton. They’re still good friends.

Lest we forget the fact that Fonda has opened up about why she regrets plastic surgery. This story is the antithesis of where Fonda is in her life, and it comes from a rotten tree. Move along.

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