Shakira’s Ready To Go On The Attack Against Cheating Ex!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Shakira has no time for nonsense when it comes to dealing with her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, but it seems the fútbol player has been dishing up nothing but nonsense.

The Colombian singer and Barcelona defender were together for over a decade and have two children together before breaking up earlier this year.

Shakira is Ready To Fight Like Hell With Gerard Piqué


Shakira caught her partner in bed with another woman and ended things immediately after.

It is now being reported that this IS NOT the first time the Barcelona defender has laid in bed with another woman during their years-long relationship.

According to a new report from Marca, Shakira and Piqué met up recently to try and settle things amicably. She has requested to move their two underage children from Barcelona to Miami, FL, but Piqué is refusing her to do so.

Both parties are lawyered up and it’s rumored that Shakira will bring in the big guns to shed light on her cheating ex’s secrets.

The outlet reports she is threatening to reveal some of his secrets, and expose details of his personal life that have remained unknown.

Shakira Will Expose Piqué’s Dirty Secrets If Need Be


“She has realized that she didn’t know the man she was living with,” a source told Informalia. “She’s not going to stop.”

A big reason the songstress wants to take her kids to the US is to get away from Piqué’s family. Shakira reportedly can’t stand living near them.

Piqué Has Been Cheating On Shakira Since They Got Together

“She’s willing to do anything,” the source continued. “She was no stranger to Pique’s playing around, but she never thought that he had been unfaithful since the year they had met.”

Shakira is working closely with her legal team and they are ready to go on the attack against him.

“She’s going to have to play a trump card,” the source continued. “That’s why she now has people scraping around for information and putting together an in-depth report on Pique, with all of the information of his behavior.”

Shakira & Gerard Pique at basketball game

Piqué should be shaking in his cleats because according to the source, “They [Shakira’s team] know things that will hurt him a lot, and not only regarding the couple of family matters.”

He has made himself an “unwanted enemy” and is aware of the damage Shakira can do to his reputation.

The Blast previously reported on Piqué’s behavior following their breakup.

He was spotted out at a party in Stockholm, Sweden with a mystery blonde. The two were enjoying drinks, music and partying.

A Swedish restaurant owner, blogger and TV Host, was at the same party and reportedly asked the soccer star to pose for a picture with her son.

Gerard Pique in Roland Garros

Katrin Zytomierska’s son is a big fan of Piqué, but according to her, the soccer star allowed fame to go to his head and he refused to take a photo.

Katrin retaliated by posting a photo of him with the mystery woman to social media. She wrote a very heated and aggressive message along with the photo.

“Listen to me your looser @3gerardpique,” she stared off strong. “Probably most girls at this party want to xxxx you. I see you and immediately think of my son. I was clear with you. I asked you to say hello to my son. You said ‘no.’ Because you’re what? A guy that can dribble a ball? That does not impress me much.”

Her tirade didn’t end there.

“What makes me sad is that fame has got into your head and that is pathetic. You are not all that, you are just a guy with a ball. I have got that myself, a boy with a ball. But you know what karma is a b***h and it will bite you in your xxxxxxx a**,” she concluded.

Katrin made her social media account private following her post, but she did give a statement to Catalan-based journalists Lorena Vasquez and Laura Fa.

She said he wasn’t “rude,” but he was “a bit arrogant.”

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