Sharna Burgess Announces Her Exit From ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Sharna Burgess, who birthed her son, Zane, on June 28, 2022, plans to take pleasure in every moment of his early years, thereby deciding to take a brief leave as a pro from “Dancing With The Stars.” She shared the news on her Instagram Story ahead of the show’s thirty-first season, revealing that she would spend the time bonding with her baby and would still make an appearance but not as a participant.

Sharna Burgess Skips’ DWTS’ Season 31 To Bond With Son

Given the multiple DMs Burgess had received over a couple of days, she decided to clear the air on her non-participation in season 31 of “DWTS.” She admitted that after some thinking, long conversations, and trying to do what was right, she made the “hard” decision not to perform in the new season.

Although she may not contest, she would surely be there “in some capacity” as she declared that she was at a hundred percent competence with her body. The pro dancer felt fit and strong and was ready to dance; however, the details of her involvement in the program would be mapped out eventually.

Spending ten hours away from Zane, considering the travel time, prep, hair, and makeup schedules, was not something she was ready to do as a full-time breastfeeding and loving mama. This led her to make up her mind about staying with her son “in the moment” and “live and love” every single bit despite how beautiful and magical the new season promised to be.

Burgess admittedly loved everything about the season and the show generally but maintained that she could not afford not to see her baby grow and bond with him. Nevertheless, with excitement for the magical season, she promised fans they would see her in the series, but it would be in a “different” way, possibly cheering the participants.

Naturally, the former “DWTS” winner cannot help but dote on her infant son, and not long ago, she and her partner, Brian Austin Green, also the father of her child, marked the baby’s two-month milestone. The Blast reported details of the celebration, done on Instagram with a beautiful message from the adoring mama and a clip of her cradling her little one to her chest as he slept.

In the video, Zane had a pacifier in his mouth and looked peaceful with no worries in the world while his mom gazed at him with affection for some seconds before kissing him on his forehead. While celebrating the child and her motherhood journey, Burgess penned:

“These moments with my milk drunk snuggled in baby boy. I’ve shared different versions of these moments over the last 8 weeks, and maybe to you, they seem like the same thing over and over.”

She continued, “But to me, every time is like it’s the first. This position of having him on my chest still makes me emotional and fills me with a love a [sic] can’t begin to describe.” The 37-year-old choreographer felt her connection with her son was “unreal and unlike anything else” she had ever gone through; whenever she was away from him, her body yearned to return to him.

In addition, she confessed that the “gift of watching and guiding him is everything I could have dreamed and more.” Finishing off her heartwarming message, she wished her tot a happy two months after calling being a mother for eight weeks “by far the most bad a** and beautiful thing” she had ever done.

The “So You Think You Can Dance” Star Gets Candid About Birthing Son Via C-Section

Following Zane’s birth and the scary C-section she had to welcome him to the world, Burgess opened up to her fans about not being able to bear her baby boy naturally. The Blast noted that she admitted that she never expected a C-section and did not “necessarily have a birth plan” but planned to use her usual “go with the flow approach.”

Unfortunately, the approach was tested when she was informed the operation was the safest option for her delivery. The June-born ballroom dancer said of the childbirth experience, “Our little Zane was trying so hard to get out, but after 30+ hours of labor and my water breaking TWICE, I just wasn’t dilating enough.”

That moment was admittedly scary for her, but thankfully, Zane arrived “healthy and happy,” which was always a priority.

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