Sharon Osbourne Getting Fired From ‘The Talk’ Over Diva Behavior And Falling Ratings?

Drew Barrymore’s Show To Replace ‘The Talk?’

Days later, the National Enquirer declared Osbourne would be fired and Drew Barrymore’s show would replace The Talk. According to the tabloid, CBS planned to give Barrymore’s daytime sitcom a boost by axing The Talk. “With just 600,000 viewers, Drew’s show isn’t going to survive much longer — and The Talk numbers have been dropping like a stone,” a tipster spilled to the paper. “The show was created as a star vehicle for Julie Chen by her husband, then-CBS boss Les Moonves. Now that both Julie and Les are out, it can go,” the insider further revealed. Seeing as how both The Talk and The Drew Barrymore Show are still on, it’s evident the report was false. Additionally, canceling The Talk wouldn’t do much to save Barrymore’s show, which Gossip Cop clarified.

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