Shayne Jansen Says That He Has Taken ‘Accountability’ Since ‘Love Is Blind’

Fans of Netflix reality dating shows are probably familiar with Shayne Jansen!

Shayne instantly became meme-material when he was first seen in season 2 of “Love Is Blind” and later reappeared in Panama to film Netflix’s “Perfect Match,” which combines single contestants from several hit Netflix reality series, including “Too Hot To Handle” and “The Circle.”

Only the first four episodes have been released so far, but fans have a lot to say about the way they believe Shayne has changed from one show to the next.

Shayne Jansen Says There Is A ‘Night And Day’ Difference From ‘Love Is Blind’ To ‘Perfect Match’

In one Instagram post, Shayne shared a screenshot of a conversation he had with contestant Ines Tazi. Although the two matched at first, it looked like their relationship started to fizzle out by the third episode.

After Ines says, “We don’t speak the same language,” Shayne replies, “That’s perfect though, actually. The less I speak is probably better for us.” In the caption, Shayne joked, “I’m the [goat-emoji]. And so is @taziines for putting up with me.”

In the comments, Tazi replied, “We need a ‘The secret of sustainable love’ by Shayne Jansen book asap!!!” One follower joked, “It would be very short.” Still, other fans felt that they noticed a change in Shayne from one show to the next.

Ines Tazi snaps a selfie
Instagram | Ines Tazi

“I feel like you’re very different on this show. Like you know yourself a lot more! I love this for you,” one fan commented. Shayne replied, “No I’m just not talking to a wall,” referring to how contestants have to make connections on “Love Is Blind” without ever physically seeing what their partner looks like.

“Lmao! How did he just call himself out! He said, I know when I speak I say f*ck up things, so I’ll say less. Oh lawwwd,” another follower commented. However, it seems Shayne didn’t appreciate this comment, responding, “There is something called accountability and it’s not playing victim like 99% LIB.”

“Love you took the time off after the [almost] marriage to be alone and go on a self-journey instead the dating scene. Your heart is genuine!” another fan wrote, to which Shayne replied, “I was clout chasing in de pere Wisconsin.”

Shayne Jansen from season 2 of "Love Is Blind" posing shirtless
Instagram | Shayne Jansen

“I swear if you get kicked off the show, I’m done watching. Nick and his games put my main man Shayne in a bad spot,” another follower commented. Shayne responded, “I wouldn’t let that happen to you my friend. The world needs more heroes and I’m here.”

“I didn’t have the time to watch it but I’m looking forward to seeing Perfect Match! How was it compared to Love is Blind? Love your energy and your humor btw,” another fan asked. Shayne responded, “Night and day and that’s being nice.”

Some Fans Are Apparently Watching Just To See Shayne Again!

Shayne Jansen from season 2 of "Love Is Blind"
Instagram | Shayne Jansen

“I think above all contestants Shayne is the realest person. He basically wants to find love never there for the game. I am sincerely impressed with his sincerity and his determination to be himself always,” another follower commented.

“Interesting concept for a show ?! During the last episode when you weren’t impressed, it showed maturity, which I can’t say for everyone else. I hope you find what you’re looking for!” another fan chimed in.

“I confess that I was very disappointed with this program. Futile subjects, they only notice the appearance, game, game, game… what a shame! I don’t think your place is there, Shane…you are a person who is looking for real love, and there are only people who are manipulative and concerned with the game less with Love. Lucky for you!” another follower wrote. “100 agree. He’s too good for this show,” another fan responded.

“I’m seriously thinking you’re the only one on the show that’s actually looking for a perfect match. The rest seem very self-absorbed and interested in winning a game. I really hope you do find love! You remind me so much of my best friend, always honest and a pure soul,” another fan shared.

Even though his ex, Natalie, from “Love Is Blind” probably doesn’t agree, it looks like Shayne has managed to win over fans from his last Netflix appearance!

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