Shia LaBeouf Plans Comeback To Acting With Role As Famous Priest, Padre Pio

We couldn’t make these things up if we tried! After his days on the first few “Transformer” films, Shia LaBeouf’s career has gone on a downward trend big time. At first, the rumors surrounding the actor indicated that he just wasn’t a very nice person. Things went from bad to worse though when he was sued over a potential sexual assault. Now the former Disney star is going to make his film comeback playing a priest. Not just any priest, but, Saint Padre Pio, arguably the most famous Italian religious figure of the 20th century. 

The Story Is Set To Be A Controversial One     

Muschio Di Quercia, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The movie is going to be a biopic of the famous monk. However, from the looks of things, the story that’s going to be told isn’t necessarily the one that they teach kids in Catholic school. At least that’s the vibe that’s being sent out. With controversial director Abel Ferrara calling the shots and LaBeouf in the lead role. Rumors have also circulated around the possibility of having Willem Dafoe in the movie as well. Although potentially an obscure film with this lineup, it’s certain to get a decent amount of press.  

LeBeouf Is Headed Off To Italy   

Abel Ferrara walks in the 77th Venice Film FestivalAbel Ferrara walks in the 77th Venice Film Festival

Abel Ferrara was the one who confirmed Shia LaBeouf as his lead man in a recent interview. Oddly enough, LaBeouf will not be the first “mainstream” actor to make a return to film shooting in Italy after a sexual abuse case. Kevin Spacey is already trying to get that honor! 

Ferrara talked about LaBeouf and what audiences can expect from the film saying, 

“We’re doing a film about Padre Pio, he’s a monk from Puglia. It’s set in Italy right after World War I. He’s now a saint, he had stigmata. He was also in the middle of a very heavy political period in world history,” Ferrara said. “He was very young before he became a saint, so Shia LaBeouf is going to play the monk.”

Shia’s Legal Troubles 

Shia LaBeouf heads out on a shirtless hike with his girlfriend Margaret Qualley in Los AngelesShia LaBeouf heads out on a shirtless hike with his girlfriend Margaret Qualley in Los Angeles

Shia’s not necessarily out of the woods just yet when it comes to his legal troubles. Back in May, a judge ordered him to attend anger management classes as well as undergo frequent alcohol and drug tests. All of this over an incident in which he randomly stole a guy’s hat on the street. Obviously, after he did this, the person retaliated with physical violence. Apparently, though, Shia is counting on the fact that his probation won’t keep him from traveling to Italy. 

How Bad Things Got    

Shia LaBeouf Arrival To The Independent Spirit AwardsShia LaBeouf Arrival To The Independent Spirit Awards

If you’re randomly getting into fights on the street for stealing someone’s hat, there’s a good chance you’re not in an ideal point in your life. The hat incident seems to be the least concerning of Shia’s behaviors. A former girlfriend said of her time with LaBeouf, 

“I used to get this feeling of intense fear and shame, and I would evaporate from people’s lives. If you’re not talking to your friends or your family about what you’re going through, then there’s no one to regulate your emotions or affirm how you’re feeling”

LaBeouf is potentially cleared, for the time being, from that incident as well. This allows him to travel to Italy to shoot the movie.   

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