Show Gossip Says Hoda Kotb Supposedly Fighting With Savannah Guthrie Behind Scenes Of ‘Today’

Is there drama brewing on Today? One report says Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie are a nightmare to deal with backstage. Since the three seem to be good friends on the air, this story seems shocking. Here’s what we know.

‘Three’s A Crowd!’

According to the Globe, Kotb and Guthrie are at each other’s throats as soon as the cameras stop rolling. Jenna Bush Hager is apparently all too happy to egg the two on. “Jenna claims to be Savannah’s best friend, but then whenever Savannah’s not there she’ll turn around and buddy up to Hoda and the two of them will take shots at Savannah,” an insider reveals.

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Whenever Hager is with Guthrie, however, “she’s happy to join in and gripe about Hoda,” the source says. “She’s totally two-faced. It’s so catty.” Hager may look kind, but she’s supposedly a calculating strategist. 

When Guthrie was out with COVID-19, Hager and Kotb comically said on the air that she was at a spa retreat quarantine. Guthrie allegedly took this personally. A source concludes, “It was total mean girl behavior and typical of how Jenna operates. Jenna seems to get a thrill out of stirring the pot between these two.”

Is Jenna Bush Hager A Pot-Stirrer?

Hager is a 40-year-old mother of three with a very public job and numerous outside projects. She’s got far more important things to fill her time than causing drama on her own show. It’s hard to imagine Today putting up with the behavior described here. This isn’t the View where the off-set drama is half of the show’s appeal: Today is built on chemistry and pleasant conversation.

The story is especially unlikely considering the tenure involved. Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, also very successful adults mind you, have years more experience on Today than Hager. What could Hager possibly have to gain by trash-talking them? The three all seem to get along swimmingly, much to this tabloid’s chagrin. In an Instagram post from earlier this year, Kotb called Guthrie “my girl.” There’s really no drama to be found here.

Hoda Kotb And The Tabloids

The Globe desperately wants drama on Today. Earlier this year, it claimed Kotb was getting friendly with Matt Lauer. Lauer is still persona non grata over his numerous sexual assault allegations, and there’s no sign Kotb is pining for him.

We also busted its story about Kotb having a falling out with Kathie Lee Gifford. Just because Gifford isn’t on Today anymore doesn’t mean the two aren’t friends. Speaking of which, the tabloid announced Gifford would replace Hager in 2021. Hager still has a job, so this tabloid should rightfully be ignored.

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