Sketchy Gossip Claims Harrison Ford Apparently Struggling With Marriage, Calista Flockhart Supposedly Upset After Accident

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart just celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary. Good for them! That also means stories about their impending divorce have also turned 12. Their age difference and Ford’s regular plane crashes are supposedly perpetually causing a split. Here are the latest stories we’ve encountered about Ford and Flockhart breaking up.

Calista Flockhart Is ‘Worried Sick’?

According to the National Enquirer, Flockhart was terrified when Ford started working on Indiana Jones 5. An insider said, “Calista’s worried sick he’ll wind up crippled or worse, even though he insists he’s taking precautions and that his shoulder doesn’t hurt too bad.” She apparently didn’t want to see Ford risking his life for the sake of a stunt, so she was personally keeping him on a short leash.

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While Ford did injure his shoulder on set, it was in a complete accident. Ford reportedly did nothing wrong, so there was no reason for Flockhart to put him “on a leash.” This was just a sexist story bereft of evidence.

Too Many Stunts

Per Woman’s Day, Flockhart was upset with Ford because he refused to give up flying. He’s been involved in several crash landings. A source explained, “The thought of him coming home battered and bruised again, especially at his age, has Calista at the end of her tether.” Ford’s insistence on flying was supposedly a massive issue for Flockhart.

This article failed to mention that Ford got his license before he met Flockhart. He’s been flying their entire relationship, so there’s nothing new to be upset about. Flockhart is naturally going to worry about her husband’s health, but she hasn’t said a word to support this narrative. These outdated tropes are just sad.

Harrison Ford Struggles Through Marriage

In another Woman’s Day story, Ford was failing as a husband. He and Flockhart were supposedly living separate lives. A source said, “She put her own career on hiatus to be a mum, while Harrison continued to work for the most part.” Now that they’re older, Flockhart was apparently hoping to move to New York, but Ford is still taking on projects.

An insider said Ford was confusing his wife, saying, “At his age and being worth more than $300 million, it’s hard to think of a damn good reason he’d want to put himself through it, much less Calista, who deserves her own time in the sun… They just can’t seem to get on the same page, which is a worry.”

Ford hasn’t stopped working since the original Star Wars. His taking on a new project is the least surprising thing in the world. There’s no sign Flockhart was itching to move to New York for her career or otherwise. Even if she did, he can legally fly wherever he needs to be. This tabloid ought to back off this couple moving forward because its coverage is so lousy.

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