Sketchy Rumors Say Britney Spears Supposedly Facing Divorce Already, Apparently Fighting Husband Over Rush Wedding

Is Britney Spears regretting her recent marriage to Sam Asghari? Rumor has it that the pop star is already considering divorcing her new husband. Here’s the latest gossip about the beloved newlyweds.

Britney Spears Infuriating Sam Asghari?

Last month, the National Enquirer reported Britney Spears was harboring a secret crush on pop singer Justin Bieber. Shortly before the article was published, Spears reminisced on Instagram about meeting Bieber for the first time when he was just 15 years old. And according to the tabloid’s source, Spears had secretly harbored a crush on the star for years. “She thinks he’s sexy as hell and one of the most talented stars of his generation,” an insider revealed. But the source insisted that “possessive” Sam Asghari wasn’t happy about Spears’ little crush.

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Of course, in reality, the outlet was twisting Spears’ words. In the full post, the singer actually compared Bieber to her sons. In what world is that flirty? Furthermore, these accusations about Asghari being “controlling” and “possessive” were completely insulting and unfounded. As far as we could tell, Spears and Asghari were still basking in their post-marital bliss.

Britney Spears Regretting Wedding?

Then, the Enquirer claimed Spears and Asghari were starting to think they made a mistake rushing into marriage. “They’re wondering if they jumped the gun and should have waited,” a snitch dished, adding that the ceremony only exacerbated Spears’ ongoing feud with her family. “But what’s done is done, and they’re trying to roll with the punches,” the tipster concluded.

But we knew better than to trust the outlet’s dubious report. Spears’ family drama had absolutely nothing to do with her marriage to Sam Asghari. Furthermore, Spears and Asghari didn’t rush into anything. They had been dating since 2016 and had been held back from tying the knot because of Spears’ conservatorship. The outlet simply omitted this important context to suit its narrative.

Facing $60M Divorce Weeks After Her Wedding?

Finally, In Touch revealed that Spears was already considering divorcing Asghari. “The excitement has worn off,” a source confided. “She seems to be having second thoughts about all the changes in her life.” The magazine cited an interview with Asghari where he talked about not wanting to be a “house husband.” But sources insisted Spears was worried her new husband was going to be too controlling.

Unsurprisingly, the magazine took the couple’s words completely out of context. Spears wasn’t regretting marrying Asghari, and Asghari certainly wasn’t trying to control his wife. In the interview that the tabloid referenced, the personal trainer called Spears a “real life princess” and detailed his efforts to plan the perfect engagement. And judging by Spears’ social media posts, all was well for the newlyweds.

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