Sketchy Source Said Julia Roberts Supposedly Had To Confront Husband About Spending Time With The Family Last Year

Did Julia Roberts crack down on Danny Moder for skipping out on family time? Twelve months ago, we encountered a story about a couple reaching a “crisis point.” Let’s look back on that story and discover if it was true after all.

The Hard Times Of Danny Moder

According to Woman’s Day, Roberts and Moder hit a rough patch last year. Raising children and juggling booming careers posed a scheduling nightmare, and apparently, it had reached its breaking point and resulted in a serious sit-down. An insider said, “Julia and Danny both agreed their relationship was a priority and they were willing to put in the work to make things better.” The two were setting a time just for them in the name of rekindling the magic.

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However, you can’t rekindle a fire that never went out. We pointed out how there was no proof that Roberts and Moder had struggled mightily in recent years. All the outlet could do was point to a lack of PDA as if that proves anything. Roberts has repeatedly sung Moder’s praises in interviews, so we couldn’t buy this story.

Did Julia Roberts Weather The Rough Patch?

On July 4, Roberts and Moder celebrated their milestone 20th anniversary. Roberts posted a rare photo of herself kissing Moder. “TWENTY,” Roberts wrote alongside hashtags about can’t stop smiling and can’t stop kissing. Yeah, they’re doing just fine.

The tabloid couldn’t explain how Roberts and Moder could make their schedules work for 18 years before suddenly crumbling beneath its weight. Both have been extremely busy their entire adult lives, yet the marriage is clearly working. Throw in the privacy of their relationship and the story becomes impossible.

Earlier this year, Roberts wished Moder a happy birthday as well. She captioned the photo, “You make my world go round.” In spite of these posts, tabloids continue to doubt the longevity of their relationship.

Rumor Mill Keeps Churning

Just a few weeks ago, Us Weekly ran an almost identical version of this story. It reported Roberts and Moder were living separate lives. Whatever setup they have obviously works, so we debunked that story.

As for Woman’s Day, lest we forget it claimed Roberts went into hiding to cope with her marital issues. Someone as famous as Roberts can’t really go missing without the world noticing. This never happened. While Roberts is extremely famous, her marriage just doesn’t warrant this level of coverage. Marital stability and bliss don’t make for a salacious story, so tabloids dilute the water with trash. Pay it no mind.

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