Sketchy Source Says Chris Evans Supposedly In Unlikely ‘Shock Romance’ With Celebrity Singer

Is Chris Evans pursuing a hot new romance with an international superstar? According to one report, the Gray Man star is in a secret romance with a newly single famous singer. Here’s the latest gossip about Evans’s dating life.

Chris Evans Found A New ‘Secret Romance’?

The latest edition of Woman’s Day reports Chris Evans is on the hunt for a new romance, and Columbian chart-topper Shakira has apparently caught the actor’s eye. Fans noticed that the singer followed Evans on Instagram on the day she announced her split from Gerard Pique. And now, fans from both camps are shipping the celebrities hard. “The power couple we’ve been waiting for,” one fan tweeted. The outlet also references a recent interview where Evans allegedly said that he hasn’t “had a chance to meet” Shakira, but he’s “a huge fan of hers.”

Chris Evans ‘Set His Eyes On Shakira’?

There are a few issues we have with this story. First of all, the tabloid heavily implies that Evans and Shakira are already an item with its attention-grabbing title, “Shakira’s Shock Romance With Chris Evans.” The average unsuspecting reader would assume that Shakira and Evans were seeing each other already, but the article itself doesn’t stick to that story. Instead, it simply suggests that Evans might be reaching out to Shakira to set up a date. It’s a classic bait-and-switch.

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Furthermore, and we may be nitpicking here, but the magazine misquotes Evans. When an interviewer asked Evans if he has ever met Shakira, he casually replied, “No, no, I’ve never met her. But I’m a big fan.” While it’s down to brass tacks, if Evans said he hadn’t “had a chance to meet” Shakira, that implies that he would very much like to meet her. The same goes for saying he’s a “huge fan of hers” versus politely saying “I’m a big fan.” Overall, the magazine made him seem far more interested in Shakira than he actually came off as in the referenced interview.

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Besides, we’ve learned to tread carefully with rumors like these. Late last year, fans were absolutely certain that Evans was dating another Latina pop artist. After Evans followed Selena Gomez on Twitter last November, the conspiracy theories blew up. Fans got their hopes up about the potential couple, but, as it turned out, there wasn’t anything to the rumors. So, we can’t help but feel like we’ve seen this story before.

More False Couples From The Tabloid

Chris Evans and Shakira are far from the first unlikely pairing that Woman’s Day has pushed. Back in 2020, the outlet reported Katie Holmes was dating Lenny Kravitz. Then it claimed that the actress was actually dating Justin Theroux. And who can forget the publication’s obsessive stories insisting Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were back together? Woman’s Day simply isn’t reliable anywhere celebrity couples are concerned.

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