Sketchy Source Says Jessica Simpson’s Husband Furious With Reality Show ‘Fame Game’

Are Jessica Simpson and her husband, Eric Johnson, arguing over her career? One report says Simpson is yearning for a reality show like Kim Kardashian‘s, but her husband isn’t having it. Let’s investigate.

‘Jessica’s Hubby Fed Up With Fame Game’

According to the National Enquirer, Simpson is bored stiff and yearns for fame and a reality show. The Dukes of Hazzard star is apparently talking to networks and Kardashian herself about her own reality show, all while Johnson is urging her to reconsider. A source says Simpson has created a cosmetics empire so she can look good when the call does come: “She wants to look her best when she find the right project—ideally, a TV show that features the whole family.”

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Her hope is to collaborate with Kris Jenner and Kardashian, but Johnson is determined for this to stay on the ground. “He’s a low-key guy who’d get out of Hollywood if he could,” a source explains. “He doesn’t want any part of having camera crews invade his home life.” Johnson is content with life the way it is, but he’s supposedly helpless to change Simpson’s lust for fame.

Jessica Simpson Has Been There And Done That

In 2002, The Osbournes set the precedent on how celebrity-centric reality shows should work. The very next year MTV debuted a new reality show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. The reality show was a phenomenon, and it launched Simpson’s fame to another stratosphere. Keeping Up with the Kardashians didn’t premiere on E! until 2007, years after Newlyweds completed a successful three-season run.

The Enquirer somehow completely forgot about Simpson’s history with reality TV, as Newlyweds goes completely unmentioned in the story. In her bestselling memoir Open Book, Simpson did not look back happily on the show. She wrote: “How was I supposed to live a real, healthy life filtered through the lens of a reality show? If my personal life was my work, and my work required me to play a certain role, who even was I anymore?”

Our point is this: Simpson’s been there and done that. Just last month, she sat down with The Heal when she was asked if she had any desire to return to reality TV: “Oof — no,” she said. “Reality set up so different now which is a funny thing to say. Ours was actually very real and very authentic because it was one of the first.” She has talked to Kardashian about how she balances filming with motherhood, but not about making a reality TV comeback. 

Trail Of Trash

A few months ago, the Enquirer claimed Johnson was begging Simpson to gain some weight. Before that, it reported Johnson resented Simpson for getting fillers. In 2020, it announced Johnson was urging Simpson to lose weight. These conflicting stories depict a couple perpetually in turmoil, but the two are doing absolutely fine.

This story is ignorant of Simpson’s past, sexist for attacking her supposed fame-obsession, and fails to account for how she feels about coming back to TV. In a word, the story is false.

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