Sketchy Source Says Shirley MacLaine Supposedly Scaring Friends With Health Complaints

Is Shirley MacLaine in dire health? One tabloid claims the Steel Magnolias star is secretly living with chronic pain. Let’s check in on the Hollywood legend.

Shirley MacLaine ‘Refuses To Retire’?

This week, the Globe reports Shirley MacLaine has been complaining to her friends about ongoing severe hand pain, and sources say she needs to seek help before she lands in “arthritis hell.” But despite the ailment, MacLaine won’t stop working. “She’s 88 and arthritic is one of those things that happens when you get a bit older,” an inside source spills. “It doesn’t take a genius to guess what’s going on.”

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But the tipster reveals that MacLaine’s love of writing by hand has all but disappeared due to the pain. “She’s written many books on her life and metaphysics, but it’s hard for her to take up a pen now because her fingers are so cramped. Anyone can see it’s painful for her to move them,” the insider whispers. “Her friends are gently suggesting she get herself checked and treated.”

Shirley MacLaine ‘Living In Pain’ At 88?

This report may feign concern for MacLaine’s health, but we know its true goal. Due to MacLaine’s age, the tabloid is calling open season to diagnose her with whatever health problems it comes up with. But the truth is, MacLaine still has a thriving career well into her golden years. Isn’t that something we should be celebrating?

The actress had two projects come out this year, and she had two more in pre-production. But that isn’t to say she’s overworked. Back in 2019, MacLaine revealed that her secret to happiness is “not to keep busy… Give it up and learn to amalgamate with nature.”

The actress went on to describe how she was living a “perfect life” at 85. “I eat what I want, I sleep when I want,” MacLaine remarked. Clearly, the magazine wasn’t speaking to any real friends of MacLaine’s. Because, if they were, they wouldn’t have sold their concern to this disreputable tabloid.

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This is far from the first time we’ve busted the Globe for spreading unfounded gossip about a beloved older celebrity. Last year, the outlet reported Angie Dickinson was “frail” and “barely recognizable.” Then the magazine claimed Morgan Freeman’s friends were urging him to retire amid health problems. And more recently, the publication alleged Rod Stewart was “riddled with cancer.” Obviously, the Globe has no authority to speak on such sensitive matters.

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