So-Called ‘Expert’ Claims Royal Family Threatening To ‘Cut Off’ Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle about to be cut off? One report says their behavior at the Platinum Jubilee enraged the royal family enough to tighten the purse strings. Gossip Cop investigates.

Sussexes in The Poor House?

The Platinum Jubilee was supposed to bring an end to the tension between Harry and the royal family, but one royal expert believes it only made everything worse. Duncan Larcombe, a royal author, says Markle and Harry’s future is in jeopardy. “They have come to the UK and to the Jubilee and really cemented themselves as royals again, which is great for their brand and something that Spotify, Netflix, and Penguin will be eating up.”

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Larcombe believes the Platinum Jubilee invitation was “an olive branch… extended by the royal family.” This is the Sussexes’ last chance. “If anything from the weekend leaked, I imagine they will be totally cut off and that’ll be it,” Larcombe says. If they keep the details to themselves, then “It could be a huge step in the right direction and the start of a new beginning.”

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Don’t Need The Money

First of all, this story is purely speculation. Larcombe is openly speculating about what might happen if Harry and Markle leak details to Netflix or Penguin Random House. He may as well say he’s gazing into a crystal ball to predict the future. It’s worth noting that while Larcombe wrote a memoir about Harry in 2018, he spent a decade writing for the Sun. This is just a tabloid story.

While this story is short and strictly speculation, there’s a lot factually wrong with it. Charles already cut his son off. Harry told Oprah Winfrey that his father cut him off in the summer of 2020. Is he going to get cut off again somehow? Tabloids love the idea of Harry relying on his family for money, but that’s simply not true.

Wrong All-Around

As this story itself notes, the Sussexes have numerous lucrative income streams. The memoir, Netflix and Spotify deals, and green investments ensure the two can live out from under the royal family’s thumb. There are also plenty of signs that the Platinum Jubilee actually did help thaw tensions. It looks like William and Harry are talking again on group calls, but the fact that Willaim did not meet Lilibet Diana during the Sussexes’ visit means there’s still work to be done.

Just to review: Harry and Markle are financially independent already, so there’s no real way for the royal family to cut him off. Only time will tell how Harry and William get along moving forward.

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