Some Star Wars Fans Are Really Mad at Baby Yoda Over Latest The Mandalorian Episode

The Mandalorian fans aren’t too pleased with the Child, aka Baby Yoda, at the moment. When the character first appeared late last year, the Star Wars fan community exploded. For one, everybody was shocked that Lucasfilm was able to keep him a secret for so long. Nobody saw that coming, but everybody knew that Baby Yoda was going to sell a lot of merchandise, and that he could do no wrong. This brings us to The Mandalorian season 2’s second episode. There are SPOILERS for season 2 below, so read ahead at your own risk.

In the second episode of The Mandalorian season 2, Din Djarin and Baby Yoda need to leave Tatooine as they search for more Mandalorians. They end up bringing along the Frog Lady, whose husband knows about Mandalorians. She also brings a canister of her last eggs, which need to be fertilized by her husband. It’s noted from the start that said eggs are very important to Frog Lady and luckily, she survives the episode. However, not all of her eggs made it, thanks to Baby Yoda.

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Some Star Wars fans were horrified to see Baby Yoda eating the Frog Lady’s eggs. “The zoologist in me is really ticked off at Baby Yoda eating all of her eggs. Her species is on the brink of extinction and he’s out here slurping down any chance of their survival,” said one fan on social media. The Frog Lady’s species was not in danger though, it was just her family line, which is still pretty massive. Baby Yoda did not care and spent most of the episode munching on the Frog Lady’s eggs.

Other Star Wars fans started calling out Baby Yoda as a murderer for eating the unfertilized eggs. “Baby Yoda is a menace,” said another fan on Twitter. With all of the negative energy surrounding the beloved character right now, there are just as many fans supporting the little adorable creature who loved those eggs. Din Djarin was not happy with the Child and scolded him throughout the episode, though he wasn’t paying attention when he ate the baby snow spider, which set off a horrifying chase sequence.

The Child is 50-years old, but he’s clearly a toddler and is really into putting things in his mouth, like snow spiders and the Frog Lady’s eggs. We saw hints of this during the first season when he ate the frog-like creatures and grossed out Mando. The Mandalorian season 2 continues next week with episode 3 and fans are hoping that Baby Yoda won’t be munching down on anymore eggs. As for whether or not that will happen is anybody’s guess at the moment. You can head over to the official Disney+ website to stream the new episodes of The Mandalorian.

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