Steve, Marjorie Harvey Stepped Out In This Year’s Controversial Shoe Trend

Steve Harvey has become something of a fashion icon over the last few years thanks to viral photos of his outfits that take off every few months on Twitter and Instagram. His wife, the gorgeous Marjorie Harvey, is no slacker herself when it comes to style. This chic duo proves that the couple that slays together stays together, even when they try to bring back one of this season’s most controversial shoe styles. 

Steve, Marjorie Harvey Show Off In Style

Summer is almost upon us and our surprising source of style inspiration this year comes from one of the best-dressed duos on Instagram: Steve and Marjorie Harvey. We’ve had our eye on this couple for a while now so we can say for a fact that this moment has been a long time coming. 

The Harveys have another fashionista in their family, of course, in the form of their daughter Lori. She’s an up-and-coming fashion model who also happens to be one-half of the hottest young couples in Hollywood. Creed star Michael B. Jordan makes up the other very handsome and talented half of that young power couple, and Lori’s dad Steve couldn’t be happier with his daughter’s choice of partner.

The comedian-turned-talk show host bragged about Lori’s relationship on one of his latest trips to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Family Feud host was especially pleased with his daughter’s choice for a romantic partner after she dated a few that he admitted he tried to “get rid of.” 

Stepping Up Their Fashions

With that caliber of competition coming from the younger generation, it’s no wonder that Marjorie and Steve have stepped up their own style game, though it’s not like they needed much improvement. A recent Instagram photo of the adorable couple showed them sharing an intimate moment while dressed to kill. 

Steve wore a matching top and bottom patterned with what look like the 101 Dalmations, but instead of looking cheesy, the outfit is surprisingly debonair. We expect great things from Marjorie and yet again, she didn’t disappoint. She has a similar matching top and bottom look going on, but instead of a short-sleeve button-up style like Steve’s got on, she’s wearing a charcoal sleeveless tunic blouse that looks so elegant yet so cool.

But How Are You Feeling About The Shoes?

While the fashions up top were superb, there’s a bit more to say about the couple’s choice of footwear. Clunky shoes are all the rage this year, so it’s no wonder that the Harveys, who seem to always have their fingers on the pulse of what’s in and what’s not, hopped on board. We love the checkered border on the sole of Steve’s shoes, but we’re not quite sure how to feel about the clogs Marjorie is wearing. Sure, they’re the perfect slip-on shoe that gives the wearer an extra subtle height boost, but we can’t say that it’s the best-looking shoe style we’ve ever seen.

The caption is left blank except for a small red heart emoji and a tag for Marjorie, because what else needs to be said when the love they have for each other is written all over their faces?

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