Strange Tweets About Johnny Depp Get #AmberHeardIsASurvivor Trending

Actor Johnny Depp just wants to move on with the trial and focus on his upcoming album with Jeff Beck. However, it seems that his ex-wife Amber Heard is still trying to file an appeal, even though she has to front the eight million dollars she owes him to do it.

Although a seven-person jury found that the “Aquaman” actress committed defamation in her 2018 Washington Post op-ed where she declares that she is a survivor of domestic violence, there are still some who believe that Amber Heard is a victim.


The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor testified that he had never struck a woman during the highly publicized trial in Fairfax, Virginia, but Heard spent days recalling physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse. That being said, the jury found inconsistencies in the photos of the bruises her lawyers entered into evidence, and as Depp’s legal team suggested, there was little to no medical evidence to support Heard’s claims of physical violence.

As such, many fans agree with the jury’s ruling. Although the world may never truly know what went on behind closed doors, almost everyone can agree that something shady is going down on Twitter.

#AmberHeardIsASurvivor Starts Trending As Strange Tweets About Johnny Depp Surface

One Johnny Depp fan uploaded three separate screenshots from three separate accounts that all show separate users claiming that Johnny Depp “often lost his temper” and recalled an incident where he was violent on a yacht.

“Amber Turd’s PR team working overtime and still thinking they’re so brilliant they can fool anyone,” they tweeted. “What are the odds of identical tweets from 3 different accounts.”

We have to point out that we don’t actually know that these tweets came from anyone associated with Amber Heard, but it didn’t stop the speculation that she was trying to smear her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, almost a month after the jury made their decision.

“#AmberHeardIsASurvivor [is an example] of a third-rate Crisis Management team!” another user tweeted. “Please make it stop or get a better PR Firm because this is just embarrassing! Don’t let the fact that everyone knows you are guilty dissuade you from continuing the fight until we are sure that you have no way back!”

“amber can buy all the bots she wants, but she cannot buy BELIEVERS. she cannot buy a GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT. she cannot buy TRUTH w/ lies,” another user tweeted. “THE WORLD saw THE ABUSER. people who don’t care about twitter or buzz words & no amount of bots can change that.”

Forget #JusticeForJohnnyDepp… Some People Want #JusticeForAmberHeard!

One user named Kamilla took the hashtag literally and compiled a lengthy Twitter thread of several pieces of evidence against Johnny Depp which definitely raise eyebrows.

In addition to graphic text messages that Depp sent to his friends, there were also many clips that were played for the jury. Although Heard does admit to starting physical fights in some audio clips, in another, Depp does confess to headbutting her.

Another user tweeted a list of “red flags” for an abusive personality and alleged that Johnny Depp “displays pretty much ALL of these red flags.” They added, “The video of him slamming stuff in the kitchen IS ABUSE. He also has admitted to destroying her belongings in jealous rages, which is ALSO abuse.”

Although it seems that the debate is far from over, some people just want the drama to stop.

Another used the hashtag to weigh in with their opinion, saying, “It is hilarious to me that so many people care about two over priveleged wealthy white people having a post marital spat. They both sound like a–holes you would NOT want to get drunk with.”

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

The Blast has reached out to Amber Heard for comment on the “bot” tweets. We have yet to hear back.

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