‘Stranger Things’ Star Noah Schnapp And Doja Cat Squash Their Beef: ‘No Hard Feelings’

“Stranger Things” actor Noah Schnapp says he and Doja Cat are back on speaking terms after a brief online feud concerning him exposing a conversation they had about another “Stranger Things” actor, Joseph Quinn. 

The altercation began when Doja called Schnapp out on social media, leading many fans to criticize her for bullying the 17-year-old. Schnapp never responded to Doja’s video calling him out and remained silent on the whole dispute until he made a comment on TikTok recently, stating that he had apologized.

Due to the dispute and criticism about her response to Schnapp, Doja lost about two hundred thousand followers on her Instagram account. On the other, Schnapp gained over two million on just his Instagram and even more on his TikTok.

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Noah Schnapp Says He Apologized

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On Wednesday evening, Schnapp posted a new TikTok video for his followers in which he solved several difficult math questions. Immediately, thousands of followers swarmed his comment section asking about his recent feud with singer Doja Cat. 

Noah Schnapp on TikTok
TikTok/Noah Schnapp

Finally fed up with the endless questions, Schnapp commented on his own video, saying, “Guys, everything is all good I apologized and I still follow her and love her music no hard feelings.” He added two red heart emojis to his reply.

He had previously remained silent on the dispute between him and Doja, which began when he revealed to his followers on TikTok that she had a crush on his “Stranger Things” co-star, Joseph Quinn. Quinn has yet to make any comments on the situation between the two celebrities.

He Exposed Their Instagram Conversation

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The dispute between Doja and Schnapp started when the 17-year-old actor posted a short TikTok, which contained a conversation on Instagram of Doja asking him if Quinn was single and how she could contact him. He has since deleted the video.

In the private conversation, Doja wrote, “Noah can you tell Joseph to hit me up. Wait no. Does he have a [girlfriend]?” After she asked the third question, Schnapp replied and told the “Woman” singer to “slide into his DMs.”

The issue was that Schnapp hadn’t asked Doja for permission to share their conversation and the information with the public. The “Juicy” singer was highly offended by the post and wasted no time addressing it.

Doja Cat Called Him Out

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The day after Schnapp posted the TikTok, Doja replied on TikTok Live, saying that the young actor had made a “snake” and “weasel” move but that she knew people had to make mistakes and learn from them while they’re still young. 

In the video, she also said, “The fact that this person, that Noah did that, went and posted a private conversation between me and him is so unbelievably socially unaware, and wack.”

Her video quickly trended, and Doja, Schnapp, and Quinn became tending words across social media platforms. Some fans criticized Doja for calling Schnapp out, saying she was bullying him, while others supported the singer, insisting Schnapp should have respected her privacy.

Doja Cat Lost Followers While Noah Schnapp Gained

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As more and more people discussed the feud and shared both videos on social media, Doja began to lose followers fast. According to Newsweek’s data tracking for social media followers, Doja’s follower count went from 24,308,793 to 24,129,073 on Instagram, marking a difference of 179,720.

On the other hand, Schnapp’s follower count on Instagram was 23,051,310 before the feud, and it rose to 25,334,432 just three days after Doja replied to his TikTok video. It marked a difference of 2,283,122.

Since the very first video, Schnapp remained silent about the whole feud. After fans started criticizing her for her reply to the “Stranger Things” star, Doja stopped commenting on the issue. She has posted other things but is yet to publicly reply to Schnapp’s apology.

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