Stranger Things Writers Use New Twitter Feature to Troll Fans Over Season 4 Spoilers

The Stranger Things writers trolled fans hard this afternoon with the help of a new Twitter feature. The Netflix series was supposed to be in production earlier this year, but the public health crisis put a stop to that, along with all of the other major Hollywood productions. So, fans are starting to get a little impatient about season 4 details, which is unfortunately only going to get worse as time goes on. At this point in time, it’s unclear when the Stranger Things cast and crew will be able to get back to work.

Stranger Things Writers Tweet Spoilers

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With excitement for Stranger Things season 4 currently being off the charts, the writers decided to have some fun with their diehard fans. “One reply and we’ll spill all the season 4 secrets,” tweeted the writer account. However, there are no replies because Twitter has a new feature that allows users to allow people to comment or not. Obviously, the Stranger Things writers did not allow any comments, which may have made quite a few people a little angry. Adding insult to injury, the writers tweeted out asking fans how they were doing right before the no-comment tweet.

While the Stranger Things writers were having fun this time around, they may have revealed that season 4 will have nine episodes instead of 8. Earlier this year, they posted a set of nine scripts, leading fans to speculate that there will be more episodes than the previous two seasons. Star Natalia Dyer was recently asked about the episode count and specifically the picture of the scripts, she simply said, “It appears to be.” The actress was more than likely playing coy since the team is very secretive about everything.

Natalia Dyer also spoke about the public health crisis causing a delay of Stranger Things season 4. In her eyes, the production delay isn’t such a bad thing. “Normally, we get the first few scripts, and then they have to keep writing due to the schedule of it,” Dyer revealed. “And it takes a while to craft a script. So, normally, there’s a kind of ‘writing as we’re going,’ but it seems they’ve had enough time.” The actress concluded by noting, “I think it’s maybe been a blessing for the writers, in some way, because they had the time to just sit down, think, and create. So, yeah, it appears to be that they’ve got it all down.”

For now, we don’t know a whole lot about Stranger Things season 4, other than the fact that Hopper is indeed alive. The gang has been separated, so that will also have to be addressed when everything gets back to some form of normalcy. As for when that will be, nobody really knows at this point, which means that the kids from Stranger Things might look a lot older when season 4 finally gets put back together. You can check out the epic troll above, thanks to the Stranger Writers Twitter account.

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