Style Influencer Carla Rockmore Shares Top Tips For Packing A Functional But Stylish Wardrobe For A Long Trip

Carla Rockmore, a Dallas-based fashion maven, is the person to listen to if you are seeking exceptional styling advice.

Known as the Carrie Bradshaw of TikTok, this sensational 54-year-old covers a wide variety of fashion’s most trending topics. No matter whether Rockmore is giving fascinating history lessons or delving into fashion’s most perplexing challenges, she has plenty of advice to share. But what fans love most about Rockmore is that she stresses staying true to yourself when it comes to personal style. Embrace the things that make you feel fabulous! 

It’s hard not to love this powerful message about self-expression. In addition, we love all of her other helpful styling tips, especially her recent video on packing for long trips.

Packing A Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Without a doubt, one of the hardest things about packing for a long trip is planning your wardrobe. There can be a sense of overwhelm when you realize that weather, activities, and style dictate how and what you should bring. Of course, trying to pack strategically can also be at odds with those three pairs of shoes you just need to bring.

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In a recent Instagram post, Carla Rockmore shares her advice to help fans overcome this common dilemma.

In particular, Rockmore shared her wardrobe packing strategy for an upcoming 10-day trip to Europe. 

Before tackling her suitcase, Rockmore follows this simple rule, “Start with a few pairs of comfortable shoes in neutrals.” As her grandfather used to say, “If you don’t have a good foundation, your building is going to fall.”

Choosing her shoes first ensures everything else falls into place. For example, the neon yellow shade in her running shoes is matched with the same shade in a scarf and hat, demonstrating how seamless this tip is.

Rockmore focuses on packing a capsule wardrobe with no more than three or four base colors. For her trip to Europe, Rockmore opted to wear creams, navy, and black. Despite the different hues, the shades are easy to combine different tops and bottoms without fear of them clashing.

According to her, everything else falls into place after she has finalized her shoes and color palette. And from here, there are a few extra tips to ensure your capsule wardrobe is still interesting.

Rockmore emphasizes the importance of packing prints to add interest to solid basics. Textures and strategic pops of colors in accessories can also aid in adding extra style and intrigue. And for those special evenings out, a glitzy accessory easily adds a touch of glamour.

Staying practical, she also grabs basic tees, long sleeves, and a must-have cropped jean jacket that can be paired with anything.

A final tip from the over-50 fashionista is that she always starts packing for a long trip a week before departure. By packing a week in advance, she says, she’ll be able to take a look at the weather and clothing rack and reassess her needs.

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