Tabloid Story Said John Legend, Chrissy Teigen Supposedly Had To Flee Hollywood To Keep Marriage Together After Bullying Scandal Last Year

Did John Legend and Chrissy Teigen save their ailing marriage? Twelve months ago, we encountered a story about the two moving away from Hollywood to lose the heat from Teigen’s bullying scandal. Now that her cancellation is in the rearview, let’s look back on the rumor to see what really happened.

John Legend Skipped Town?

Per the National Enquirer, Legend and Teigen moved away from Hollywood to save their failing marriage. At the time, Teigen was embroiled in scandal when horrible messages leaked. She lost endorsements and a TV deal, so the family apparently decided to sell a home in Beverly Hills and move away. A source explained, “In John’s mind, they need to get away from all the sniping and media frenzy they’ve endured in Hollywood. He’s afraid if they don’t, their marriage won’t survive.”

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The story itself noted that the couple owned more than one home in Los Angeles, so they weren’t going anywhere. Teigen and Legend were on an idyllic trip to Italy when this story came out, so it sure didn’t look like they were on the verge of a divorce. Since the mansion in question had been on the market long before Teigen got canceled, we debunked the story.

Did They Move Away?

Just about every nugget of information in this story was bogus. Teigen may have been in hot water, but Legend stood by her side the entire time. One year later and they’re still based in Los Angeles. The two were trying to sell their New York penthouse in January. Flipping property is just a tiny part of their life.

The two are still very much in love. Not only that, but Teigen is pregnant! After suffering a miscarriage that she discussed very publicly, Teigen has announced she and Legend are expecting another baby. “The last few years have been a blur of emotions to say the least, but joy has filled our home and hearts again,” she writes.

No matter how you feel about Teigen as a person, you have to be happy for her here. Here’s hoping everything goes okay. As for the Enquirer, its story was false then and looks even worse now.

Even More Moving Hogwash

This tabloid is constantly promoting conflict over folks leafing Los Angeles. Last year, Dennis Quaid was moving away to put up some distance between himself and Randy Quaid. While distance away from Randy is a great idea, he moved for unrelated reasons. We also busted its story about Julia Roberts contemplating divorce because Moder wanted to move from San Francisco to Los Angeles. They’re still happily married. This was a trope and nothing more.

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