TBT: John Travolta And Olivia Newton-John Confirmed The Sexual Tension They Experienced While Filming ‘Grease’ 

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta became stars after their lead roles in the movie musical Grease. The pair wowed audiences with their onscreen chemistry, and many have wondered if sparks flew off-screen as well. Over the years, both Newton-John and Travolta have revealed what really went on between them all those years ago. 

The Couple Had Major Chemistry Onscreen

Newton-John and Travolta played Sandy and Danny, a high school couple who experienced sweet summer love. Once school began, things got a little more complicated for the couple, but they happily rode off into the sunset by the end of the movie. 

The movie’s stars played a couple so believably in Grease that many wondered if they were a couple in real life, too. Adding fuel to the fire were photos of Newton-John and Travolta kissing at the Grease premiere’s afterparty. Newton-John and Travolta, who remained close up until Newton-John’s death earlier this year, have both addressed the rumors. 

Newton-John: ‘There Was An Attraction’

In Newton-John’s autobiography, she wrote about her relationship with Travolta, telling readers, “Yes, we really liked each other and there was an attraction.” Her co-star was equally smitten, calling her “every guy’s dream.”

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At a fan event in 2019, Travolta elaborated on their relationship when someone asked if there was any sexual tension between the pair during filming. “I think you saw that in ‘You’re the One That I Want,’” he shared, referring to a musical number from the movie. “There’s almost resolve of that tension right there.”

Why ‘It Never Went Beyond Friendship’ For The Actors

“I think it was good, because I think it kept the tension there and the chemistry,” Newton-John explained during an appearance on Mama Mia No Filter podcast. “It might have been a real disaster had we decided to date or we had a falling out or something.” She went on to say that both she and Travolta were dating other people during filming, and “it just didn’t happen.”

Newton-John continued, “We’re still great friends. The truth is, it never went beyond friendship with John despite the fact that the fans wanted for us to become a couple in real life. We left the making out to Sandy and Danny, but the deep feeling of sisterly love I have for John continues to this day.” Some fans might be disappointed that Newton-John and Travolta were never an item in real life, but the pair’s deep friendship clearly meant a lot to both actors over the years. 

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