‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Dancing By Herself In Backyard Bikini Video

Having fun in the sun isn’t just for the teens anymore!

‘Teen Mom’ star Jenelle Evans is celebrating summer on her own terms. The reality star danced her way into Instagram’s reels section earlier today, continuing to display some fancy footwork while hanging it all out poolside in her backyard.

Jenelle Evans Makes A Sexy Splash!

The 30-year-old mother of three is no stranger to remaining committed to being her authentic self, no matter what her critics have to say; Remember the infamous “Teen Mom” moment where she lamented having to miss a Ke$ha concert because of her court-related commitments? Classic!

Evans has channeled her self-confidence while dancing by the pool multiple times on social media. Last year, The Blast covered the mother of three getting groovy in an Instagram reel, wherein she confidentially celebrated her ‘mom bod.’

She also encouraged her followers to “Let that confidence shine through,” while bopping around to a Regina Spektor track.

Evans Remains Confident With Her Swag Despite Critical Comments

Anyone who has ever been in the public eye during the social media age may tell you it’s best to develop a thick skin before taking a peek at the comment section of a post or to avoid the space altogether. Evans’ aforementioned Regina Specktor pool dance inspired lots of strongly worded critical commentary.

“You should at least get a bathing suit that fits if you’re not gonna watch your children at the pool,” one commentator ‘advised’ the reality star.

The shade from those internet trolls who continue to feel inclined to inform Evans of her flaws continued in her latest poolside reel.

One commentator admonished Evans for her actions, and exclaimed “You need a diet plan!”

“Jenelle with the cringe dance moves again,” another wrote before asking, “anyone else get secondhand embarrassment from her for like the last 13 years?”

‘Teen Mom’ Star Janelle Evans Burns Up Instagram With Hot Bikini Shots!

'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Dancing By Herself In Backyard Bikini Video

But, not every commentator seemed to be put off by how Evans looks in a bathing suit. Another commentator praised her looks, by proclaiming her body as “thick-fil-a” followed by lots of heart-eye emojis.

Another added, “I love the weight on you!”

Many fans were all here for Evans’ self-confidence; multiple commentators expressed a desire to have an amount of self-confidence as Evans continues to display.

“I don’t think I could pull off that bathing suit in my community pool,” a user laughed, “You look beautiful and I’m glad you’re doing well. You deserve a good life. You have a good heart!”

Getting Into The Groove Of Health: Evans Faces A Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

Jenelle Evans promotes JE cosmetics at CeleBuzz Studios

Evans’ groovy poolside footwork reels were posted four months after it was revealed she had been privately battling what was later revealed to be Fibromyalgia, a piece of news The Blast previously covered.

“For as long as I can remember,” she told E! as per our report, “I would get extremely bad tension headaches and full-body aches- like I had the flu, but I wasn’t sick.”

She went on to explain “My entire body gets in so much pain, and sometimes I lay in bed and cry. [For] a long time, no one believed my symptoms until I got a second opinion from a neurologist recently…”

No wonder Evans enjoys strutting her stuff! Going through a painful medical condition definitely inspires reasons to celebrate what her body can endure!

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