‘Teen Mom’ Star Leah Messer Flaunts Bikini Body With Shot Glass Necklace

“Teen Mom” star Leah Messer is definitely what one fan called a “Versace hottie.”

On Monday morning, the reality star took to Instagram to show off her bikini body in a black bathing suit that showed off a bit of her stomach. She just posted the snaps on Instagram so it only has about twenty thousand likes right now, but it’s sure to get more throughout the day as fans get a shot of these photos!

Leah Messer Screams Summer Hottie In Lakeside Snaps

Leah Messer
Instagram / leahmesser

On June 6, the mom-of-three posted three different snaps to her Instagram page. She wore a black bathing suit that looks almost like a bikini – but surprise! – it’s actually joined together on one side. In one photo, Messer can be seen on her knees as she swept her hair out of her face while lounging on the water.

“Yours Truly ❤️🔐,” she wrote in the caption, giving @thelakeliferentals a shout-out as she chilled out on Lake Norman, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Leah Messer Is All About The Lake Life In These Bathing Suit Snaps!

Leah Messer
Instagram / leahmesser

The 30-year-old reality star appeared to be laughing as she drank something out of a bottle. Many fans were here for her carefree, laid-back attitude, with one fan writing, “Girllll yesss 🔥”

Kayla Sessler dropped three heart-eye emojis into the comments while plenty of fans praised her bold look. “Okay baddie 😍😍😍” said another fan.

“Love lake life! Been on the lake fours since last week!” one follower wrote. “Come visit and we’ll take out the boat!”

‘Teen Mom’ Star Wears A Shotglass… As A Necklace?!

Leah Messer
Instagram / leahmesser

In another shot, Messer gives fans a close-up of a tattoo saying Faith on the side of her arm as she takes a selfie over the water. In the photo, a beaded necklace can be seen hanging over her bathing suit top, with a shot glass hanging from it.

“That happy weight on you looks amazing Leah ❤️” said another fan.

“Yessss it’s giving healthy and happy😍” another follower agreed.

Leah Messer

“the healed thriving in a healthy relationship you is EVERYTHING,” said another fan.

“Your living your best life Leah! Happy for you!” another agreed.

Is Leah Messer So Happy Because She’s ENGAGED?

The West Virginia native was married to Corey Simms from 2010 to 2011. Together, they had two children together: Aleeah Grace Simms and Aliannah Hope Simms. She was married to Jeremy Calvert from 2012 to 2015. Together, they had one child together: Adalynn Faith Calvert.

But, as recently as late year, the TV personality welcomed some new love in her life when she started dating her boyfriend Jaylan Mobley in September 2021!

The two have shared some adorable snaps together that have led many fans to speculate that the two have gotten engaged and plan to walk down the altar in the near future. Neither of them has confirmed the news, of course, but fans are having fun speculating!

In one photoshoot, Messer is holding hands with her new beau while wearing a creamy white jumpsuit. Mobley looks smooth and suave in a matching creamy white blazer and tan, striped pants. Together, the two are walking hand-in-hand through the sand and posing together by the water.

“I feel it in the air ✨🤍” she wrote in the caption.

In the comments, people thought that Messer wasn’t just engaged – but pregnant!

“Why does everyone think that a bit of belly instantly means someone is pregnant?” one user asked. “Like she could just be blodded, ate a lot, drank a lot or just gain a bit of weight… Let people announce It on their time and if they feel like It if there is something to announce. Is so rude to just assume.”

“A baby and marriage 😍🙌🏾❤️❤️❤️” another fan speculated.

“always rooting for you Leah ❤️❤️” said another fan.

It’s not clear if Leah is pregnant or engaged or what, but it looks like she is living her best life right now and that’s what fans love to see!

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