‘Temptation Island’ Sneak Peek: Hania Blows Up At Karyna & Juicy!

Tempers run high on this week’s “Temptation Island.”

We are nearing the end of season four of the reality dating show, and things are reaching a fever pitch.

The Blast obtained an exclusive sneak peek of episode nine ahead of Wednesday’s episode.

Things do not look good for Hania, he’s becoming an odd man out!

Hania’s Becoming A Hot Head!


In the sneak peek, we get to see the guys’ villa throwing a magic-themed party complete with capes, glitter and top hats.

Hania is seen chatting it up with two singles who are not Karyna Auletta.

Karyna is Hania’s current “villa girlfriend.”

Karyna Did Not Take Hania Complimenting Other Women’s Butts Well

In episode five we saw him tell the camera while crying about Ash Lamiroult, “Karyna is my girlfriend for the time being, so in order to fully date Ash at the end of this, in order to show her how much I love her, I need to know how to do that with just one person and right now that’s Karyna.”

Well, his subtle flirtation with the singles that weren’t Karyna really rubbed her the wrong way.

Karyna Auletta Temptation Island

“You both have amazing butts,” Hania tells the girls.

Karyna is within earshot and hears Hania give out the inappropriate compliment.

“Hania, what the f**? So annoying,” she says to him.

Their argument becomes more intense with every response.

Hania: “Do you think I don’t think your butt fucking amazing?”

Karyna: “That literally is not what this is at all. This is what I mean by ‘It’s the Hania World.’ I hope you know…”


See The Argument Between Hania & The Singles

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

Madelyn Rusinyak, aka “Juciy,” steps in to defend Karyna telling Hania, “Don’t yell at her.”

That’s when things take a bad turn for Hania.

He goes on to blame Karyna for making the booty conversation about herself.

Hania: “Well, she’s making it about her right now.”

Juicy: “I know, but don’t yell at her nonetheless.”

Hania: “I don’t have some other f**king agenda right now.”

Juicy: “Okay, but don’t yell at her.”

Hania: “I don’t have the patience.”

Juciy: “When you shout and speak the way you do, you try to make people feel really stupid… “

Hania: “I’m trying to make anyone feel f**king stupid. I feel stupid, that’s all I’m trying to say. I’ll just remove myself.”

Juicy “No, you’re fine.”

Hania: “I’m not fine, you just said it.”

Juicy: “You’re doing it again, you’re doing it again. CALM DOWN!”

Karyna and Juicy then hop into a confessional following the fight.

Hania Is Labeled A ‘Narcissist’

Temptation Island Hania and Karyna sitting

“That’s why his girlfriend is so intrigued with this new guy [Taylor Patrick],” Juicy explain. “He’s actually listening to her. Hania isn’t listening.”

Karyan agrees saying, “It’s not that hard to listen to someone and care for them.”

Juicy and a group of the singles continue to talk about Hania in the pool.

One single says he’s acting like the victim when he started the shouting match.

“He is the epitome of a narcissist,” Juicy tells the other singles, who all agree.

The sneak peek closes on Hania sulking by himself saying, “I don’t feel very magical right now.”

“Temptation Island” airs on Wednesday, May 11, on USA Network at 10 PM ET / 7 PM PT.

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